Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why did he read a children's story?

Robert --

Over 20 hours!

The media and the leadership in the Senate want Americans to believe Ted Cruz is wasting his time. They hope we ignore him as he eviscerates Obamacare.

His boldness for doing the right thing is why he's going to speak at The Family Foundation's Annual Gala on October 5th and I invite you to participate with over 1,000 conservative Virginians and leaders. It's not too late to purchase your tickets but time is running out!

When Ted Cruz read a bed-time story for his girls last night on the floor of the Senate, we're reminded why we fight for freedom and the family.

Please click and follow this link to purchase your tickets before they're sold-out!

Ted Cruz's daughters listen to a bed-time story from the Senate floor.

For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb

Purchase your tickets to The Family Foundation's 2013 Annual Gala

For Families and For Virginia,

Victoria Cobb


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