Monday, September 30, 2013

Go ahead, shut it down

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September 30, 2013
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Go ahead, shut it down: Why don't we fire all 'nonessential' government personnel? 
The media is trying its best to fear monger the so-called government shutdown, but in reality it's not nearly as scary as they are making it sound. Only 'nonessential' federal employees will be impacted by the shutdown, which begs the question: Why are there nonessential employees in the first place? If this is going to help trim the fat, go ahead and shut it down. WATCH

For The Record uncovers what is really like to live under Muslim Brotherhood rule
Religious persecution, kidnapping, murder, and rape. For The Record brings you the stories from the people who were inside Egypt, forced to live under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. See what the Muslim Brotherhood is really like, and hear what nobody else wants to talk about. Don't miss For The Record: Jihad is our Way, Wednesday at 8:30pm ET only on TheBlaze. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial HERE.

Obesity up 25% in NYC despite Nanny Bloomberg's policies 
He banned trans fats and had the calories posted next to nearly every food item in the city, but the people of New York are just getting fatter. Does this mean Mayor Bloomberg will admit defeat and simply accept that people like unhealthy foods and hate exercise and, as a result, will continue to gain weight? Or will he double down on the food bans? Glenn reacts on radio today.

The top 6 get to work on this week's Pursuit of the Truth
Who will be America's next great documentary filmmaker? Last week on Pursuit of the Truth, we got closer to an answer as the judges revealed the top six finalists. This WEDNESDAY, the aspiring filmmakers get to work as Josh Ligairi goes to prison and Dan Quigley goes to a bar. Don't miss Pursuit of the Truth, Wednesday at 8pm ET only on TheBlaze. Miss last week's episode? Catch up on what you didn't see HERE

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Bill O'Reilly on his new book, Ted Cruz, Obamacare, and the future of this country
Bill O'Reilly stopped by TheBlaze's New York City offices to talk to Glenn about a wide array of issues, including his new book Killing Jesus. Why is Bill getting criticized by both the left and the right, as well as both believers and nonbelievers? And why is Bill so obsessed with all things related to 'killing'? Check out the interview HERE.

Laughing at Glenn Beck tickets are on sale NOW!
The stars and writers of the Wonderful World of Stu and The B.S. of A. are hitting the road! Stu, Brian, Jeffy, and Jack were going to call the tour, "Laughing at Glenn Beck's TheBlaze Comedy Block featuring The Wonderful World of Stu and The B.S. of A.," but that's a mouthful. Instead, they're just gonna' call it… Laughing At Glenn Beck! Expect 90 minutes of constant comedy — first it's Jeffy, then Jack and Brian, then Stu, and finally it's all hands on deck for an unscripted, unplugged and very unsafe Q&A with the audience. It's the stars of your favorite TheBlaze comedy shows LIVE. Tickets for the Columbus, Ohio and Tampa, Florida dates are now on sale! Get your tickets HERE!

Which 10 states will be most affected by Obamacare? 
The media is fretting over a possible government shutdown but they aren't showing any fear over the looming implementation of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act is about to wreak havoc, and nobody seems to care. So which 10 states will be most adversely affected by the health care law? MORE

Ready to start a family book club?
It's not enough to tell your kids that you don't want them to play Grand Theft Auto V, you've got to replace it with something they'll like even more. That's where Michael Vey comes in. This series of books, about a teenager who was born with special electrical powers, has been turning families into Veyniacs for two years now. With the third book just released, now is the perfect time to get your family addicted to something that doesn't involve drugs and gratuitous violence, but that your kids will still love. Get caught up with the first two books from Wal-Mart HERE. Then grab the brand new third book HERE

'They are so afraid': Glenn explains the growing power of conservative media 
The New York Times had an encouraging article over the weekend about the growing power of conservative media - most of it non-traditional. Sick of not getting the truth from mainstream media sources, conservatives have found their voice at outlets like TheBlaze and others. Glenn has more on radio. WATCH

Support Freedom of Speech with this NEW t-shirt from 1791!
We believe in more voices, not less. Show you support free speech with the brand new 'Freedom of Speech Since 1791' t-shirt. The 100% made in America t-shirt from 1791 Supply and Co. is now available to order. Get your shirt today!

See the Tea Party's scathing response to Texas Congressman Pete Sessions 
Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX) received major backlash after coming to the defense of Obamacare and its funding. Tired of the progressive, big-government game from both the left and the right, the Tea Party issued a scathing response to Rep. Sessions. Check it out HERE.
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Filmmaker working on Hillary Clinton doc for CNN terminates project 
It's no secret Hillary Clinton would love to run for president in 2016. And based on the plight of filmmaker Charles Ferguson, it looks like she will have no problem waltzing her way to the Democratic nomination and maybe even the White House. Find out why Ferguson had to terminate his Clinton-related project HERE.
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Wonderful World of Stu: Don't fear the government shutdown, baby. Stu explains why it's all good. WATCH

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