Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ALERT: Threat to Life and Liberty

Virginians for Life & Liberty

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Dear Friend:

Let’s be blunt:  Life and liberty are at stake in Virginia’s Nov 5th Governor Election.

Our right-to-life and gun-rights.  Our property rights and parental rights.  Free markets and our right-to-work.  States-rights, and the fight against Obamacare, the job-killing EPA and “police-state” surveillance.  And slimming down obese government budgets that steal our liberties and opportunities.   

Ken Cuccinelli has been a proven fighter for us in all these areas -- and he’s got clear, detailed plans to promote life, liberty and opportunity for all Virginians. 

A Governor Cuccinelli will cut sales and other state taxes $1.4 billion.  His education reform proposal will bring more parental choice and control while empowering teachers to better educate kids.  

And Ken’s got a detailed liberty-oriented plan for making Virginia more competitive and attractive to spur some 58,000 new private sector jobs.   (See   
Ken’s command of the issues and common-sense, liberty-oriented ideas are winning the endorsements of the business community.  See and 

Terry McAuliffe ?  Well, recent press reports show he is a rather shallow, very liberal candidate.  But he is great at taking other people’s money --  unsuspecting investors, big Democrat donors, and employee jobs and pensions lost to questionable schemes (while he made a fortune).   See and

And if McAuliffe is elected Governor, he’ll take your money too -- through higher state taxes !
But Terry McAuliffe is a threat in other areas too: like his advocacy for gay marriage, abortion-on-demand, sex-selection abortions, partial birth abortions and even TAXPAYER funded abortions.   See

And his 
boast he'll shut down the coal industry -- throwing thousands out of work and running up our electric bills. 

And McAuliffe is taking pages right out of Obama’s playbook for importing big Washington-style government to Richmond.  McAuliffe has said he’ll simply shut down the state government by vetoing any budget that doesn’t include the $3B-per-year Medicaid expansion to enact Obamacare in VA.  He has also pledged to issue an (illegal) “guidance opinion” to undo our hard-won VA law safeguards for women at abortion clinics.
Unfortunately, “libertarian” candidate Robert Sarvis isn’t much better.  He doesn’t seem to get that liberty extends to children – pre-born ones, and that being a constitutionalist means defending Virginia’s Constitution.  Sarvis is for unfettered abortion-on-demand, as well as undermining Virginia’s constitutional protections for traditional marriage, and promotion of gay marriage.

Yeah.  I know.  Every year you hear “this is the most important election ever”. 

But this year it does ring true.  Never before in Virginia have we had such a principled, substantive and accomplished conservative leader like Ken Cuccinelli standing in such stark contrast to the typical Republican or Democrat – and his dangerous liberal opponents in this race. 

Here’s what you can do to help:


  1. Forward this email to your friends and family members.  Let them know you are supporting Ken because life and liberty is at stake.
  2. Watch tonight’s Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate on NBC4.  Attend a Debate Party at a one of Ken’s local campaign offices (Victory Centers) near you.  Find yours at   
  3. Go to and do one or more of the following:
  4. Make a donation to Ken’s campaign.  Terry is a millionaire who is bankrolled by a spigot of liberal special interest money (including NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood) that is funding negative ads lying about Ken’s record.  See the FactCheck page at to dispel these lies.
  5. Volunteer to help.  Drop by Ken’s local campaign office in your area (“Victory Center”) and volunteer some of your valuable time to help.  It’s easy and actually fun to do this year (big improvements have been made!).  Go to
  6. Facebook.  Like Ken’s page on Facebook, and share items from his page with your Facebook friends.
  7. Write a letter to the editor about Ken.
  8. Walk your neighborhood for Ken using a “walkbook” you can get from your local Victory Center.

Polls are showing this will be a VERY low-turnout election that is VERY CLOSE, with Ken’s voters more enthusiastic than his opponents.  So what you do to help (from the above list) could well decide the closest election in VA history !


Russ Moulton
Virginians for Life and Liberty

PS.  Please see the list above for what you can do to stand with Ken for life and liberty.  Please go to and give generously and/or sign-up to help.  Thanks for doing your part to protect life and expand liberty in Virginia !

PSS.  Watch Ken Cuccinelli take on Terry McAuliffe in the Debate Tonight on NBC4 7-8:30pm or attend a local Debate Watch Party at a Victory Center near you TONIGHT !

Paid for and Authorized by Russ Moulton, Virginians for Life and Liberty
Not paid for or authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee


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