Friday, September 27, 2013

This is too important:

Robert --

One Republican senator said that trying to shut down the government to sabotage Obamacare is "the dumbest idea I've ever heard."

I agree.

But that's the strategy of some far-right Republicans in Congress. They know they risk creating another economic crisis if Congress doesn't pass a budget in the next four days. That hasn't stopped them from pushing us closer to the brink, obsessing over a proposal they know will never pass.

I called House Speaker John Boehner the other night to tell him that Americans like you have worked too long and too hard to dig our nation out of the financial crisis, and the last thing we need is for Washington to manufacture another.

I want to make sure that message gets through. Add your voice -- remind Speaker Boehner that Congress has a job to do.

Every minute of every day, I'm focused on building a strong, secure middle class.

Right now, few things are more important than keeping our economy growing from the middle out -- giving more Americans a chance at success.

Washington is full of powerful interests trying to stand in the way. They're focused on making the right political moves, not on what's best for you.

It's a part of Washington that is truly broken.

We won't fix it overnight, but folks like you at OFA have the power to change politics as usual -- all because you've believed from the start that, together, our voices can be powerful enough to make real change.

The current standoff in Congress is no match for that.

Over the next few days, OFA will be asking a lot of you because there's a lot at stake -- I hope you'll take this moment to get more involved and inspire your friends and neighbors to speak out. Remind Congress who sent them there in the first place.

Start today by telling Speaker Boehner that Congress must come together to pass a budget:



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