Monday, September 30, 2013

Keeping the government operating, while stopping the nightmare of Obamacare

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Obamacare and government shutdown

If enacting Obamacare is the biggest bet of progressive policy elites, then the fight by Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee against the Washington establishment to defund it before this "trainwreck" and "nighmare" starts hitting millions of Americans on Tuesday is the biggest bet of constitutional conservatives in Washington. If you rallied with Ted Cruz's #MakeDCListen campaign as millions hit congressional phones, you were disheartened to find only found 17 Republican senators standing with Cruz and Lee in this critical, historic vote last Friday. I encourage you to send thank you's or condemnations to those in your state based on how your senators voted.  The 79 Democrats and Republicans in the Senate hope you will forget and move on. Yet they voted to allow the Obamacare steamroller to continue, when they could have stopped it.

The House then reacted to the inadequate Senate continuing resolution (CR) bill by voting early Sunday morning to pass a government-funding bill that (1) delays and fully defunds Obamacare for one year (this means all taxes, mandates and regulations are delayed for one year so existing insurance plans remain the same), (2) funds our troops in the event of a shutdown and (3) repeals the harmful medical device tax.

For many of the elites, this is mostly a game. For patriots who sense the real consequences of Obamacare on families, medicine and the economy, these are consequential battles in Washington. For context, see here, here and here.


Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, setting up another congressional battle over guns when the Senate needs to ratify this stealth international gun control campaign. In this context, it was a delight to interview a friend and senior opinion editor at the Washington Times, Emily Miller. Spunky, smart, compelling, Emily and her book, "Emily Gets Her Gun ...but Obama Wants to Take Yours" are worth your time! She puts the recent Colorado defeat of the Bloomberg gun control crowd into the larger context of Washington politicians not listening to ordinary Americans who want to limit the out-of-control government power-grabbing policies.

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
Emily Miller

Last week, our interview with Richard Viguerie brought a spike of traffic as the gist of his message was the need for MORE Ted Cruzes! You can still watch this interview here.



Here is a creative video in response to the Obama administration's competition for positive Obamacare videos.

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