Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check out ""ObamaCare Sound & Fury: Name-Shaming & Blame-Gaming"" on Patriot Action Network

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Bill Bissell,…
Check out the video '"ObamaCare Sound & Fury: Name-Shaming & Blame-Gaming"'
Watch as Norville explains how the true nature of the loon left surfaces, and it looks grim for ObamaCare as the zero hour approaches for implementation. Americans what say you?

"ObamaCare Sound & Fury: Name-Shaming & Blame-Gaming"
"ObamaCare Sound & Fury: Name-Shaming & Blame-Gaming"
Arsonists, anarchists, hostage takers, terrorists and, of course, racists - greetings from the studios of LibertyNEWS TV. Seems like an...
Video link:
"ObamaCare Sound & Fury: Name-Shaming & Blame-Gaming"

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