Wednesday, September 25, 2013

They are obsessed:

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Friend --

Some people are just obsessed with trying to mess with President Obama -- right now, some House Republicans are even willing to shut down the government because they don't like Obamacare.

We might not ever get through to some of the most extreme members of Congress. The problem is that Speaker Boehner is letting them run the show on the budget fight.

That's only going to stop if the American people demand it -- and there are just five days left to go to pass a budget.

We need your voice in this fight -- add your name to tell Speaker Boehner to stand up to the House Shutdown Caucus.

Congress passed Obamacare more than three years ago -- and last year, the Supreme Court upheld the law. And, after two years of interest groups railing against health reform, a strong majority of the American people voted for an agenda that embraces it.

Still, the House has voted more than 40 times to try to tear down Obamacare. Someone needs to get these guys a support group.

At the very least, they shouldn't have their hands on the wheel during the fight to pass a smart budget.

Tell Speaker Boehner enough already -- it's time to be a leader:



Abby Witt
Deputy National Director of Issue Campaigns
Organizing for Action

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