Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cuts, Not Compromise



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Real Spending Cuts or No Deal

Rumors are swirling that Republicans and Democrats may come to a budget "deal" next week that actually INCREASES spending and ADDS to the national debt next year.

If the rumored deal is reached, current sequester spending constraints will be a thing of the past.

While modest even by Washington standards, these cuts are the only spending reforms we have achieved under the Obama Administration. Unless real, long-term entitlement reform happens, the sequester must remain in place.

For years, D.C. has talked of reforming entitlement programs. But few politicians are willing to do what it takes to preserve America’s future. The sequester was a necessary first step to restore some measure of fiscal sanity in our nation’s capital. We simply cannot afford any budget deal that doesn’t at least preserve them.

demand spending cuts.jpg

If enough Americans stand up, we can stop this deal. Tell Congressional Republicans to stand strong and oppose any budget deal that increases spending.

It’s not a secret, if we don’t balance our nation’s checkbook, our future will be at risk.

Send a message to Congress right now. Make sure any budget deal contains significant spending cuts.

Farm Bill May Be Coming Back

Congress may reintroduce the Farm Bill next week. D.C. lobbyists want to pass the Farm Bill against the will of the people. They don’t want to afford you the opportunity to stop them.

Earlier this year, patriots like you lit up Congress’ phones. You sent thousands of calls to your representatives, and in the end you defeated this horrible corporate welfare bill.

But, the battle isn’t over. 

The Farm Bill is a sham. Food stamps are being used to unite Democrats and Republicans behind bad policy. It’s an unholy alliance – one that pits the Washington Establishment against main street Americans.

And, what’s worse, the pork-packed Farm bill doesn’t even help small farmers. The benefits go to the large agri-corporations that are pushing for the law. The same corporate interests who use their political clout to crush competition in the marketplace.

You defeated the Farm Bill before – and you can certainly do it again.

Learn more about the Farm Bill.

farm bill image.jpg

Get Active for 2014

2014 is just around the corner…that means we have to start organizing now!

We’ve come too far to let our guard down now. We stopped the Farm Bill and we’ll do it again. We prevented a costly and unnecessary war with Syria. We defeated ObamaCare health exchanges in states across America and forced members of Congress to stand their ground in opposition to the Big government scheme. Activists like you accomplished all of this and more.

Your activism is important. It’s making a real difference. But now more than ever we must keep fighting. The Big Government Establishment isn’t happy with the progress we’ve made. They’re fighting back. And in 2014, we need to show them that we aren’t going away. That We The People are just getting started.

FreedomWorks has all the tools you need to learn the latest and greatest in grassroots strategies – including our social network FreedomConnector!

Right now, FreedomWorks University is offering courses that teach you how to get connected and get active on FreedomConnector.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with patriots in your area and maximize your impact.

Get ready for 2014 today by joining the grassroots community on FreedomConnector!

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fwot freedomreport.jpgThis week's video features the "Freedom Report" with an in-depth look at what FreedomWorks has been doing for the grassroots community across America and news on the fight to stop ObamaCare.

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