Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mock Duck Dynasty Outrage a Tipping Point?

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Thursday, December 19, 2013
"The A&E people, they say that they are 'strong supporters of the LGBT movement,' lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender movement.  Notice they are not getting anywhere near saying that they are strong supporters of the Christian community." -Rush
"John Podesta compared Republicans to the Jonestown cult.  That is vile, that's vulgar, that's hurtful, that offends almost half the country. Half the country is Republicans. Does anybody really want that kind of hate speech from the White House?  We already have it there, folks, in case you're not aware." -Rush
"Ken Hutcherson was a counselor to people in trouble, no matter what the problem was.  He was one of these people that whatever your problem, he had the correct advice for you.  And he was tough about it.  He didn't baby anybody that was off the rails.  He didn't hold their hands and commiserate.  He told 'em what was, what they had to do, and then told them they could do it. The Hutch is gonna be terribly missed by a lot of people." -Rush

More Transcripts and Audio That Will Reflect the Contents of Today's Program:
  • Obama Falls to 41% in Fox Poll, Desperately Tries to Rally the Pajama Boy Base
  • Another Study Proves Second-Hand Smoke is Harmless
  • The Hutch is Gone to Heaven
  • Gallup: Fear of Big Gov't at All-Time High
  • Tweet from a Crumb-Cruncher with His Ted-Tea Bear
  • I Will Never Be Able to Thank You Enough
"That Pajama Boy in Obama's tweet is who they want to reach.  That's the kind of guy they think exists.  That's the kind of guy they want to be leading the charge for Obamacare.  That's the kind of man that they see as their male support population. I guarantee you." -Rush
"My life is an adult Christmas every day, and it's because of you.  Were you not there, had you not stayed there, had you not hung in there, my life wouldn't be what it is.  I'll never be able to adequately thank you other than to tell you how important and how much you mean to me and my family and everybody that's associated here with us at the EIB Network, Two If By Tea, and Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Hope you have a great, great Christmas season. See you back here as soon as we can in the beginning of the new year.  Thank you so much." -Rush
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