Sunday, December 15, 2013

We Can Stop This Deal



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This Deal is NO DEAL

The Senate is expected to take up the House-passed “budget betrayal” this Tuesday.

Republican Leadership in the Senate opposes the “spending surge." But to pass the budget deal, Harry Reid is actively working over moderate Republican senators. He wants them to vote with the Demcorats.

budget betrayal senate.jpg

Patriots like you have already sent hundreds of calls to the Senate to stop the Ryan-Murray budget. This week, we should be prepared to send thousands more. If all Senate Republicans stand together, the budget WILL be stopped.

But, the fight won’t be easy. John Boehner already betrayed grassroots conservatives when he forced the budget through the House of Representatives.

And he said conservative groups like FreedomWorks have lost “all credibility” for opposing the budget deal. He‘s wrong, America doesn’t want this deal, DC does. That’s why no one approves of Congress. Americans want real spending cuts or entitlement reform – not vague promises to reform future spending.

Here’s the truth: the current sequester spending caps were a bi-partisan budget “deal.” And they were the only spending constraints Republicans achieved under Obama’s presidency. Now the GOP Establishment wants to remove some of these reforms to spend more money today. To make matters worse, the deal actually hikes taxes by calling them “fees.”

We can’t let this tax-and-spend budget pass. Senate Republicans need to stand together and oppose this deal. It does nothing to solve our government’s spending addiction.

Send a message to the Senate. Urge your Senators to oppose the budget betrayal.

How is ObamaCare Hurting You?

ObamaCare is STILL a train wreck.

It seems like every day there is news of skyrocketing premiums or hard-working Americans losing their coverage. The media wants to suppress these victims. But we have to make sure the truth about ObamaCare gets out there.

Democrats can’t keep avoiding the truth: the law they forced on our country is hurting millions of Americans. Obama and Harry Reid lied to pass the health care takeover. They granted exemptions to their cronies in big business, unions, and even Congress. But they’re leaving normal Americans to suffer under ObamaCare.

Your Congressional Representatives need to know that ObamaCare is harming you. The more they know, the better chance we have to dismantle and replace this horrible law.

Tell your Congressional Representatives exactly how ObamaCare is harming you now.

obamacare victim send a message.jpg

You Stopped the Farm Bill - For Now

Instead of passing a full five-year re-authorization, Congress just passed a one month extension of the Farm Bill. The pork-loaded law will not be taken up again until the next session of Congress in January.

Without your hardwork and the work of thousands of patriots like you, the Farm Bill would have easily been re-authorized. It was YOUR phone calls to Congress that stopped this from happening.

Every few years, special interests collude with lawmakers to pass the Farm Bill with little debate. That means taxpayers are stuck paying for outrageous subsidies to large agri-corporations and tens of billions of dollars in food stamps. But this year, you refused to be kept in the dark. You knew the Farm Bill was nothing but a corrupt piece of legislation, a leftover from World War II price controls.

And you stood against the Farm Bill and won. You beat it, but we have to make sure our victory isn’t short-lived.

Thomas Jefferson once said that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Next year, we will have to fight the special interests again. But delaying the Farm Bill sent a powerful message to Washington. It told the Establishment that We the People won’t be fooled.

farm bill congrats.jpg


046_happening_hill_bg.jpgThis week's video features the latest "Happening on the Hill" update that expalins all the gritty details of the Ryan-Murray budget betrayal and why grassroots conservatives should stand against it.

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