Friday, December 27, 2013

Bad news

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December 27, 2013
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With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we're counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013. What were this year's highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck Newsletter to find out!

Shut it down!
On October 1st, America witnessed two simultaneously disastrous political events: The botched rollout of and the beginning of the partial government shutdown. Since we continue to be inundated with stories that prove the Obamacare rollout is nothing short of a black eye for the Obama Administration, today we will take a look back at the impact of the government shutdown. While Democrats and Republicans bickered in the halls of Congress over whether or not World War II veterans should be allowed to visit their memorial, Glenn delivered an impassioned monologue urging non-progressive Democrats and Republicans to come together and defeat the progressive disease that has overtaken both parties. Glenn explained why God will always provide the answer HERE.

While the media attempted to claim evil Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) were solely to blame for the shutdown, President Obama's approval rating plummeted as the Obamacare nightmare and lack of leadership soured the American public. That culmination of events led Glenn to question: How do you deal with a President who is hell bent on destroying America?

There was, however, some good to come out of the utter dysfunction in Washington D.C. The American people came together in a way that proves there are still decent, hardworking Americans to be found. One such example is Chris Cox, a man who became known as the 'Memorial Militia' because he has took it upon himself to care for and maintain the memorials and monuments during the shutdown. Glenn joined Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), FreedomWorks, and members of the TEA Party Patriots for a 'National Day of Service' on the National Mall. "We have to be the people who show the new way," Glenn told those gathered as they picked up trash and tended to our national treasures. Check out Glenn's speech HERE and pictures from the day HERE.

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'It's the right thing to do': David Barton takes a look at a few of the 'good' stories of 2013
We have become so accustomed to hearing about the bad in the world we often forget to recognize and celebrate the good things that happen. On Thursday's Glenn Beck Program, David Barton filled in for Glenn and decided to take a look back at some of the stories that show the best mankind has to offer. These stories involve ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and on the precipice of this new year, we could all learn a thing or two from these exemplary individuals. WATCH  

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Real News Special Report: Red Cell
On Thursday's special edition of Real News, TheBlaze's national security editor Buck Sexton took a look inside an intelligence community technique known as 'red cell' where experts on a number of hot zones around the world wargame out the possible scenarios that could endanger United States interests. Buck sat down with Middle East affairs analyst Hussein Ibish to discuss potential conflict scenarios in the region's near future. WATCH

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