Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 - Year of Liberty



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Thank You for 2013

Did you check out everything patriots like you accomplished in 2013?

As a special gift to you, FreedomWorks compiled a list of SOME of your accomplishments this year.

In 2013, our movement made its voice heard on issues like ObamaCare, Common Core, Obama's war with Syria, NSA spying, government spending, and even more. And because we did that, YOU held your elected officials accountable.

It’s because of your hard work and dedication that the ObamaCare exchanges were stopped in 36 states. It’s because of you that our country is turning against Big Government’s spying apparatus. It’s because of you Obama’s war with Syria was stopped. And it’s because of your determination that Washington can't ignore us.

See all that you accomplished in 2013.

thank you nl.png

Our accomplishments this year speak for themselves. Government always goes to those who show up, and there is no question you've put the Progressives on the run. 

In 2014, we have to double-down. ObamaCare is falling apart. A majority of Americans oppose it. On top of that, the American people are tired of NSA spying. Parents and teachers are learning how terrible Common Core standards are for schools. And FreedomWorks is already training thousands of activists across the country to be effective fighters for liberty.

With your dedication, 2014 will be twice as good as 2013!

And be sure to take a look back at what you did in 2013.

Replace ObamaCare in 2014

President Obama claims that conservatives don’t have a plan for replacing his health care takeover. He says we only criticize ObamaCare. Obama doesn’t think we have any solutions. He’s wrong.

Conservatives have plenty of free market reforms for our health care system. 

Come next year, we will be presenting these ideas to lawmakers who want to replace the ObamaCare disaster with something that actually works.

And the best part is: you decide what that is!

No more lost insurance policies or malfunctioning websites – our country needs a health care system based on our traditional values.

You can help pick real health care reform for 2014.

 Choose your Prescription for America now.

prescription for America.jpg

Get Ready for the New Year with FreedomWorks University

2014 is almost here. Do you know what your New Year’s resolution is?

How about boning up on your knowledge of economics, the Constitution, civil liberties, and American history?

You already know we accomplished a lot in 2013. We won because we aren’t just passionate about freedom, but because we're right!

But if we are going to beat the Progressives next year, our movement needs to stay informed. That’s where FreedomWorks University comes in. The courses are taught by world-class economists and historians. They'll give you the intellectual firepower you need to out-debate the liberals and show them why freedom works and big government fails.

Knowing is half the battle, and FreedomWorks University helps you win the fight for freedom. The courses are free of charge and easy to follow.

The Washington Establishment wants to shut us down in 2014. But as long as our ideals are true, we can never be beat.

Get ready for 2014 today and enroll in FreedomWorks University today!

freedomworks university.jpg


deneen vid.pngThis week's video features FreedomWorks Director of Outreach Deneen Borelli debating liberal Juan Williams on the failures of ObamaCare. As usual, Deneen cuts through the progressive propaganda and calls out ObamaCare for the train wreck it really is.

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