Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Enough is enough

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December 31, 2013
On Today's Program

With Glenn on vacation for the holidays, we're counting down the top Glenn moments of 2013. What were this year's highlights? Stay tuned to the Glenn Beck Newsletter to find out!

2013's most fascinating conversations
In his quest to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us, Glenn has shared the stage with some pretty remarkable and insightful individuals this year. From the future of libertarianism to the art of being unmistakable, the truth about David and Goliath to the singularity, no topic was off limits as Glenn sought to find common ground and learn from some of this nation's most fascinating thinkers. Check out some of our favorite moments below:
  • In November, illusionist, author, and actor Penn Jillette joined Glenn to discuss how new technology has allowed people to explore and create outside of the established system. Check out highlights from the interview HERE. Earlier this year, Glenn sat down with Penn, who is an atheist, and Rabbi Daniel Lapin to debate morality, faith, and religion. Watch the conversation unfold HERE.
  • Glenn has been long been a fan of Judge Andrew Napolitano, and he joined Glenn in September to talk about the future of the libertarian movement in the United States. Small government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty is not partisan – it's principle. WATCH
  • Glenn and author Srinivas Rao probably would never have crossed paths had it not been for his book, The Art of Being Unmistakable. In fact, it's probably safe to say they would not run in the same circles. But that is not a barrier to sharing and promoting similar ideals. In October, Srinivas sat down with Glenn to discuss why living an unmistakable life is as much about making things different as it is making things better. See highlights of the interview HERE.
  • Best selling author Malcolm Gladwell joined Glenn in November to discuss the importance of out-of-the-box thinking and "the art of taking down giants". Malcolm surprised Glenn with his insightful interpretation of the story of David and Goliath. Watch their conversation HERE. Plus, Malcolm shares the one question he would ask God HERE.
  • BONUS from 2012: Glenn sat down with well-known futurist Ray Kurzweil for a wide-ranging interview. WATCH
Did you miss any of the 'Top Glenn Moments of 2013'? See the Day 1 highlights HERE, Day 2 highlights HERE, Day 3 highlights HERE, Day 4 highlights HERE, and Day 5 highlights HERE.

"Here's Your Secret Weapon for Self-Defense"
I introduced this man at the NRA in Houston this year as the ONE person I trusted to bring into my HOME to train my wife & daughters to defend themselves when I'm not around!

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Will 2014 be the year America says enough is enough?
TheBlaze's national security editor Buck Sexton opened Monday's Glenn Beck Program with a simple question: Will 2014 be the year America says enough is enough? The U.S. has been teetering on the edge of big government progressivism for quite some time now, and soon the weight of a bloated government will prove to be too much to bear. With the midterm elections just around the corner, will Americans finally be ready say enough is enough? WATCH

MSNBC panel's bizarre reaction to Romney family photo has one host apologizing MORE

Catch the news the mainstream media doesn't cover weeknights on Real News
Join the Real News team - Buck Sexton, Ellison Barber, Pete Hegseth, Tara Setmayer, and Will Cain - weeknights at 6pm ET as they discuss the most significant news stories of the day. A thought-provoking alternative to mainstream talking heads, the Real News panel discusses the top stories in a way that is as engaging as it is informative. Watch highlights from this year's newsroom below. Catch up on full episodes HERE
  • The Sliding Rule of Dictatorship: What exactly qualifies as dictatorship? WATCH
  • The Lingering Effects of Benghazi: As Hillary Clinton's unofficial campaign for president ramps up, the panel debates whether the lack of accountability regarding Benghazi will come back to haunt her. WATCH
  • A Case Study in Big Government: Buck breaks down how a massive government bureaucracy and a lack of communication between agencies spelled disaster for Healthcare.gov. WATCH  
Meet the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient  
It's easy to acknowledge any of our nation's incredible heroes without actually seeing or understanding the man in the uniform. On Monday, Real News' Will Cain sat down with our nation's youngest living Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, to get a sense of who he is and where he came from. Check out a highlight of the interview HERE.  

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What did Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson say in 2009 that has him under fire yet again? WATCH
'If we want government to do less, we need to do more': Glenn explains the importance of Mercury One
In 2013, Mercury One was able to be among the first on the ground when natural disasters like the Oklahoma tornadoes, Colorado floods, and Midwest snowstorms struck because of your generous contributions. Glenn explains what Mercury One has in store for 2014 HERE.  

Creationism vs. Evolution: Where do Americans currently stand on life's origins? MORE

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  • 6pm ET - Real News: Enjoy a special 'Top Stories of 2013' edition, in which the panel takes a look at the events that have defined the year in politics.
  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: Andrew takes a look back at his favorite moments of the year. 
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