Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beware the deal


The Paul Ryan-Patty Murray Deal is the talk of Washington.  The deal means neither Republicans nor Democrats have to worry about dealing with a budget during the 2014 election cycle.  It means they can all concentrate on what they want to do most, namely be reelected.


Establishment Republicans have used the deal as another weapon in the GOP purge of conservatives in Washington. 


As conservatives discover how bad Ryan-Murray is, and as the Republican purge of conservatives continues in DC, conservatives must beware of the midnight deal.


What is the midnight deal and how bad will it be?  Find out now on Tea Party Nation.

As America reels from one Obamacare blow after another, President Obama, the architect of America's economic collapse, is preparing yet one more body blow to an America still suffering through the Great Obama Depression.

What is this body blow?  Well, if you liked Obamacare, you will love Obamatrade.  What is Obamatrade? Find out now on the Cold Hard Truth.

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