Monday, March 16, 2015

You Saw Rand Paul's Email



I’m honored that Senator Rand Paul believes in our plan. FreedomWorks is working harder than ever to make sure everyday Americans like you have the tools they need to keep Washington accountable.

That’s why we’re asking you to help us get started today. And, I want to give you some top-line numbers on what your donation will fund. We need to raise at least $250k in the next two weeks, so we can start working today.

  • $50,000 will help fund our Youth Outreach program, which educates and mobilizes young people in the fight for fiscally conservative values.
  • $50,000 will help pay for our Minority Outreach campaign, where we’ll reach new communities with the philosophy of freedom.
  • $74,000 will go to mobilizing FreedomWorks’ community of 6.9 million patriots in the fight to stop Obama.
  • $27,500 will give our activists the materials they need, including yard signs, door hangers, and palm cards.
  • And $48,500 will help recruit 38,800 new activists who will join the fight to take our country back.

Robert, if we’re going to win in 2015, we need to start executing this plan today. We need to start ordering materials, booking events to train thousands of activists, and making sure our community of patriots fighting to take our country back is always growing.

We can’t do it without you, and that’s why I’m asking you to please chip in $5 right now!

With your support, freedom will work,

Noah Wall
Grassroots Director, FreedomWorks

P.S. - If you didn’t read Rand’s email, check it out below. 



Noah, I won’t rest until our republic is restored.

Republicans control the Senate, and that gives us a real opportunity to start reversing Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. We can repeal and replace ObamaCare. We can stop the NSA’s unconstitutional spying. And we can finally audit the Fed. It’s not going to be easy but it CAN be done.

And Noah, if we’re going to do it, if we’re going to restore our country, you and I will need FreedomWorks’ grassroots army to get the job done. They have 6.9 million activists who fight for freedom and the Constitution every day. With their help, we can roll back the Obama agenda in 2015. FreedomWorks showed me their plans for this year, and if they’re going to get started today (and we need them to start ASAP), they need your help to raise $25O,OOO in the next 14 days. Noah, will you help them do it by donating $5 right now?

In DC, the lobbyists and special interests try to run the show. They try to regulate our economy, undermine your constitutional rights, and bully hard-working Americans like you.

I came to Washington to put a stop to all of that. With Republicans in charge of Congress, we finally have a chance to stop Obama’s radical agenda in its tracks. But if we’re going to accomplish that, if we’re going to repeal ObamaCare, end Common Core, and stop unconstitutional NSA spying, I’ll be depending on FreedomWorks and their massive grassroots network to make sure conservatives stand up and fight the Democrats.

We can’t afford to wait another day for FreedomWorks to get started, and that’s why I’m asking you to please donate $5 today. It’s the only way we’ll be able to repeal ObamaCare, stop Common Core, and end Obama’s unconstitutional spy program.

Only FreedomWorks has the network that can change Washington. I trust them. FreedomWorks stood with me when I filibustered Obama’s drone policies. They stood with me when I pushed for a budget that balances in less than 5 years. And FreedomWorks is standing with me as I fight Obama’s unconstitutional spying.

And Noah, with your help, they’ll be with me when we restore the republic in 2015.

Please, donate $5 to help restore America today!

Noah, together we can change Washington.

Make freedom work,

Senator Rand Paul

PS - If you can’t donate, please ask 5 friends to donate to pass a principled liberty agenda today!

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