Sunday, March 1, 2015

When a Nigerian Girl Refused to Be Searched, the Crowd Suspected She Was a Suicide Bomber — So They Beat Her to Death

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Firewire from THE BLAZE March 01, 2015
Look Closely at Obama's Eyes as He Speaks About Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder
As President Barack Obama noted how "rare" it is to have "good men in positions of power and authority, who are willing to fight for what's right" in a ceremony for outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday, Obama appeared to get emotional. Indeed, the president... READ MORE.
'Rudy Giuliani' Goes Full 'Birdman' on 'Fox News'
Years ago, he was the man New York looked to in some of its darkest days — and the "Saturday Night Live" crew took full advantage of his recent thrust into the national spotlight. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been lauded as a hero by some... READ MORE.

The Daily Beast has retracted an article claiming that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's budget would cut sexual assault reporting from the state's universities, Politico said. Written by a college columnist, the Daily Beast article cited a Jezebel piece ("Scott Walker Wants Colleges to Stop Reporting Sexual Assaults") that incorrectly interpreted... READ MORE.

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (TheBlaze/AP) — Madera, an 11-year-old dog, wandered away from her home in Ester Feb. 6 when temperatures dipped to 40 below. What made the situation worse is that the Labrador retriever is completely blind due to an autoimmune disease. Her owner Ed Davis says he didn't... READ MORE.

BAUCHI, Nigeria (AP) — A crowd beat to death a teenage girl accused of being a suicide bomber and then set her body ablaze Sunday, according to police and witnesses at a northeastern Nigerian market. A second suspect, also a teenage girl, was arrested at Muda Lawal, the biggest... READ MORE.

The president of Venezuela said Saturday that Americans, including a pilot, have been captured over espionage activities, Reuters reported. President Nicolas Maduro said that the "U.S. citizens in undercover activities, espionage" were "trying to win over people in towns along the Venezuelan coast," Reuters noted. ... READ MORE.
Bobby Jindal: GOP Leaders in Congress 'Fearful' of Repealing Obamacare
Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is calling congressional Republican leaders "fearful" of acting to fully repeal President Barack Obama's health care law. Speaking to reporters Saturday at the Club for Growth's winter meeting in Florida,... READ MORE.
This Is How Russians Are Honoring the Murdered Foe of Vladimir Putin
MOSCOW (TheBlaze/AP) — Thousands gathered to march through central Moscow on Sunday to mourn veteran liberal politician Boris Nemtsov, whose killing has shaken Russia's beleaguered opposition. Photographer Evgeny Feldman tweeted live shots of the march as it started. Nemtsov mourning demo's first lines— Feldman (@EvgenyFeldman)... READ MORE.

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Just hours before heading to Washington to address a joint session of Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prayed Saturday night at Jerusalem's Western Wall where he said that, though he respects President Barack Obama, it's his duty to explain the emerging deal with Iran could "endanger our very... READ MORE.

After the Unthinkable Happens, Skydiver Experiences 'Scariest Moment of My Life'
You step out of an airplane and start plummeting toward the ground. The wind whistles past your face and you get ready to pull your ripcord. But then you black out. Watch the YouTube video of a harrowing midair rescue... READ MORE.
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