Monday, March 23, 2015

Will You Join Me?


Robert, in two years we will see the end of America's Error: Obama will be out of office.

But we can’t wait until then to act. Right now, President Obama is determined to impose his agenda on America. And Republicans aren’t doing enough to stop him.

If we’re going to reverse the damage Obama has done to this country, we’ll need real conservatives in Congress fighting for a positive vision of America. The America you and I believe in.

That’s how you and I can take our country back.

And unfortunately Republican leadership won’t do that. The national debt is over $18 trillion. The NSA is collecting your private data. ObamaCare is ruining our health care system. And Common Core infests our schools.

That’s why my friends at FreedomWorks are fighting back. They’re activating their grassroots army of 6.9 million patriots to make Republicans stand up to Obama! And if they’re going to win they need you to really commit.

That’s why I’m asking: Will you support the fight for freedom by donating $5 right now?

Real conservatives in Congress won’t back down from Obama. That’s why FreedomWorks gives them the grassroots support they need to make a principled stand.

The fight for our country is more important than ever. This isn’t just about stopping Obama – it’s about putting America back on the right track and rebuilding our “shining city on a hill.”

But to do that, FreedomWorks needs you to help them raise $250k in the next 7 days. I know that if FreedomWorks can raise this money they can continue the work that will end the damage Obama has done: Repealing ObamaCare, balancing the budget, defeating Common Core, and ending Obama’s lawlessness.

Their grassroots network is second-to-none when it comes to pressuring Congress. With your support they’ll be able to drive thousands of phone calls and tens of thousands of email messages to Congress. They’ll pressure lawmakers on social media. And they’ll even put boots on the ground in key congressional districts. But to do all that, they need your support.

Will you help them with a donation of $5?

Robert, our country, our heritage, and our honor as Americans are on the line. That’s why I’m asking for something just a little more. I’m afraid a one-time donation may not be enough – not if we’re going to repair the damage the last 6 years have done. Because this fight isn’t going to end tomorrow, it’s going to last months…maybe years.

And, that’s why I’m asking you to really commit. I need you to commit to the principles our Founding Fathers fought and died for. The battle for the heart and soul of our country is going to be long. And I need you by FreedomWorks’ side as they fight Obama’s divisive agenda with a positive vision of the future.

So, will you pledge $5 a month to fund FreedomWorks’ efforts to stop Obama? You’ll get your free End of an Error: 2017 bumper sticker if you donate $5/month today!


Restoring America won’t happen overnight. Right now is our best chance to build a grassroots community to rein in the Obama administration.

FreedomWorks has all the tools to put pressure on real conservatives to stand up to the president. But they need your commitment if they’re going to win.

Please, donate $5 right now to help FreedomWorks stop Obama in 2015.

Working together is a better way to stop the Democrat and Republican progressive takeover of America.

Let's make freedom work,

Glenn Beck

Rocket Fuel

Contributions to FreedomWorks, Inc. are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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