Friday, March 27, 2015

Barack Obama is not a unicorn

Organizing for Action
Pete --

For many progressives and organizers across the country, President Obama is an inspiration.

But he's not a unicorn. (I believe the fact-checkers out there can confirm that.)

Our president got his start as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. Right now, the next Barack Obamas are already out there in communities all across the country, looking to get their start.

OFA's mission is to find those great organizers and provide the training needed to be great.

This is about the future, but it depends on people like you stepping up today to help fund it -- will you chip in today?

It can't be overstated -- of all the things we do at OFA, our training programs are the biggest legacy we'll leave on the progressive movement for decades to come.

In the last two years, we've trained 10,320 organizers.

Right now, we've set our sights on expanding our training programs to focus on traditionally underserved communities -- including bilingual fellowships, campus organizing programs, and a women's leadership program.

These are some of the most incredible people you'll ever meet. And some are already making a real difference.

Let me tell you about Lisa Edwards.

Lisa is a volunteer in California, who first got involved with OFA at a film screening we held during the first Obamacare enrollment period. After volunteering from time to time, she went through our organizing fellows training program last year.

By the time the most recent health care enrollment period rolled around, Lisa was a leader on the team helping people find out how to get covered. When she noticed that her community didn't have any upcoming enrollment events, she stepped up and brought partner organizations into the fold, building a coalition to help boost signups on the local level.

On the last day of enrollment, the coalition held an all-day event. When she arrived, there were already hundreds of folks in line -- and organizers continued working all the way up to midnight.

That might not have happened if not for Lisa.

I'll be honest -- it's stories like hers that remind me why we do this work, and how much of an impact we all can make by giving back to building the future of this movement.

This is uniquely OFA's mission -- nobody else is doing this work the way we do.

But we're counting on you to step up now.

Help train the leaders of tomorrow -- chip in $5 or more today:



Ashley Pinedo
National Training Director
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