Friday, March 20, 2015

Quick favor


I'm about to meet w/ conservative activists who are leading the fight to help principled lawmakers like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ben Sasse, and Mike Lee beat the DC Establishment. We're going to talk about what we need to do in 2015 to pass legislation that reverses the Obama Agenda permanently.

And Robert, I’ve spent the last few months meeting activists from across the country. I don’t want to let them down. They want to stop Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America more waiting. They want to end Common Core, repeal ObamaCare, and finally stop Obama’s lawless admin once and for all..

While I'm meeting with activists today, I want to tell everyone that FreedomWorks will have the resources to help them stop Obama in 2015. Will you make sure I can do that by donating just $5 right now? I don’t want to let these activists down.

Here's the link:

With your support, freedom WILL work in 2015!



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