Monday, March 23, 2015

Five years

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Diane --

On March 23rd, 2010, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law.

Five years later, millions of Americans are better off because of it -- in spite of consistent partisan attempts to repeal the law.

Health care reform is fundamentally improving our system, and making insurance coverage more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Take a look back at how far we've come -- and celebrate this anniversary by sharing this retrospective with your friends.

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A lot has happened in the last five years.

The economy has turned around, and wages are rising. Marriage equality is the law in a majority of states. We're fighting climate change with first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants and a booming clean energy sector.

What you haven't seen are the opposition's dire predictions come true. Instead of the Affordable Care Act killing jobs, we're creating jobs at the fastest pace since the 1990s. And death panels still aren't real.

On the contrary -- like President Obama said yesterday, "There are Americans who, without this law, would not be alive today." Through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, people can now shop for affordable plans with expanded coverage -- and they're protected from things like arbitrary rate increases or being dropped from their plan for pre-existing conditions.

All in all, 16.4 million Americans now have the safety and security of a quality health care plan, thanks to Obamacare, dropping the uninsured rate to an all-time low.

That's why millions of Americans fought for health care reform. It's a victory for the millions of organizers who, over decades, made direct investments of time and money to make it happen. We're proud of that, and we won't let anyone take it away.

None of the progress of the last five years would have been possible without folks like you.

You deserve to celebrate -- check out five years of progress, thanks to Obamacare, and keep spreading the word:



Kelly Byrne
National Issues Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action

P.S. -- The organizing that we do here at OFA is about making real change that improves lives. There's no better validation of that approach than health care reform. Support this grassroots movement -- make a donation today.

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