Tuesday, March 24, 2015



Robert, we’re doing it!

Thanks to the support of thousands of patriots like you we’ve raised $15Ok already. 

We’re close to our goal, and we’ve already kicked off our efforts to stop the radical Obama agenda in key districts and battleground states. But unfortunately, if we don’t meet our goal of raising $25O,OOO in the next 48 hours, we might have to stop distributing materials to activists in Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, and other states across the country. And Robert, that’s why I’m asking you one more time to donate $5.

Our community of 6.9 million patriots is already hard at work. Robert, they’ve made tens of thousands of phone calls just this year. And they’ve held rallies in front of state legislators, while fighting tooth and nail to repeal Common Core, stop unconstitutional NSA spying, end Obama’s lawlessness, and replace ObamaCare.

We’ve been hard at work helping them, but if we’re going to keep it up, if we’re going to make sure we can give millions of activists the tools they need to STOP Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, then we need to raise $25O,OOO in the next 48 hours. Robert, will you help us do that by chipping in just $5 today?

Chip in $15 to pay for 100 Palm Cards

Chip in $35 to pay for the cost for sending 250 messages to Congress

Or chip in $50 today to make Republicans on the fence hear from over 100 of their constituents.

You and I both know Obama doesn’t believe in the Constitution. He thinks he can rule with a pen, without Congress. That’s why we need to make sure we keep the pressure up on Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. Without the hard work of millions of FreedomWorks activists, you and I both know they’ll cave – every single time.

Robert, we’re already writing checks to pay for things in April, May, and June. And if we’re going to keep doing that through 2015, we need your support today. Don’t let your fellow patriots down. Please help us take our country back from the progressives in DC by donating $5 right now.

Let’s make freedom work,

Matt Kibbe
President & Founder, FreedomWorks

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