Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Winner take all

Cuccinelli Compass grassroots update.
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Dear Robert,
The next seven days could determine Virginia's political fate for the next two years.
Will Governor McAuliffe get a rubber stamp to help him RAM through Medicaid expansion and other Big Government schemes?
Or will you and I help elect a conservative majority in the Virginia Senate?
On Tuesday, August 19, Virginia's 38th Senate District (west of Blacksburg to the Kentucky border) will go to the polls to elect their next State Senator in a Special Election.
The good news is this district has been a Republican stronghold in recent history. But with Special Elections' notoriously low turnout, anything could happen.
That's why today I'm asking you to join me in supporting Ben Chafin for Senate.
With the November Midterm Elections rapidly approaching, voters are turning their eyes to many key federal races.
Right now, you and I have the opportunity to set the pace for the Midterm Elections by electing a solid Republican majority right here in Virginia.
Not only that, but whoever wins this race will tip the balance of power in the Virginia State Senate.
The fact is, politics is a zero-sum game.

I know from personal experience the very real difference between a Democrat and Republican majority in the Virginia State Senate.

For many years, the Senate of Virginia had a well-earned reputation as a place where good legislation went to die.  This was especially true during my first two years as Attorney General.

The Democrats in charge during those years used their majority to stop conservative and pro-liberty legislation right in its tracks.

When the Democrats regained control of the Senate earlier this year, they redeployed their obstructionist tactics.  For more than three months, they refused to approve a budget – one of the legislature's foremost responsibilities – unless House Republicans caved in to the Obamacare Medicaid expansion scheme.

Legislation approved by the House of Delegates to defend Second Amendment rights, protect innocent human life, preserve liberties, and promote free markets died in Democrat-controlled Senate Committees.
Conservative principles and traditional values need not apply.

The difference between a conservative Republican Senate and an Obama-McAuliffe Democrat Senate is just one vote.

And the Special Election in Virginia's 38th District will determine whether Virginia embraces the extreme left-wing agenda of Barack Obama and Terry McAuliffe.
Today, you and I have a chance to advance conservative principles by electing a Republican majority in the State Senate.
Ben is a businessman, farmer and has been a strong advocate for conservative principles as a member of the House of Delegates.
The Democrats have already dumped in tens of thousands of dollars to smear Ben.  It's up to you and me to help him fight back.
And don't forget, if you live in Southwest Virginia's 38th District please vote for Ben Chafin on Tuesday, August 19th!

Please help us advance conservative principles and protect traditional values by supporting Ben Chafin's campaign today.
Thank you for all you do!

In Liberty,

The Hon. Ken Cuccinelli, II
P.S.  The Special Election in Virginia's 38th District will tip the balance of power in the Virginia Senate.
Won't you please support Ben Chafin for State Senate to STOP Governor McAuliffe from getting a rubber stamp to RAM through his Big Government agenda?
Please chip in $50 or even $25 to Ben Chafin for Senate right away.  Earlier this year, a special election was decided by fewer than a dozen votes, so every donation now will make a difference.
And if you live in the 38th District don't forget to vote on Tuesday, August 19!


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