Monday, August 4, 2014

We Must Act


Robert, August Action is here. It’s time to get to work.

Your senators are back home. This is the perfect time to let them know how YOU feel about the crucial issues facing our country. They need to know YOU are tired of government spying, IRS harassment, and corporate welfare.

We have one month to drive our message home. One month to make it clear that the Export-Import Bank needs to expire, that the IRS needs to get out of our health care, and that the NSA needs to get out of our emails.

Make a phone call to your senators’ district offices now. Let them know you demand action on these three important issues.

We aren’t going to rein in Big Government abuse unless we make our voice heard.

Now is the best time to contact your senators. They need to know three things:

  1. Let the Ex-IM Bank expire: The Ex-Im Bank is a waste of taxpayer money that puts government in charge of picking winners and losers. Obama’s Crony Bank has to go.
  2. Get the IRS out of health care: The IRS cannot be trusted to enforce ObamaCare. The tax bullies already proved that they are partisan, liberal hacks.
  3. Support the USA FREEDOM Act: The USA FREEDOM Act will make sure the NSA gets a warrant before spying on innocent Americans. Our rights are non-negotiable.

Summer may be ending, but the fight to take our country back is just heating up.

Call your senators’ district offices now. Demand they take action on these crucial issues.

Our country and our freedom hang in the balance.

In Liberty,

Adam Brandon
Executive Vice President, FreedomWorks

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