Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Re: Pat: I need reinforcements!


I wanted to make sure you saw this. We've had a tremendous response so far, but we're still short of our goal. We need more Virginia patriots to stand with Senator Cruz to help us send Mark Warner back to the private sector.

We need someone in the U.S. Senate who will be a check on President Obama, not a blank check like Mark Warner.

We can send Mark Warner back to the private sector and start to undo the damage he and President Obama have done to our country, but we can't do it without your help!

Please click here today to join the fight!



Pat Mullins, Chairman
Republican Party of Virginia



The mainstream media thinks Virginia is hopelessly in the tank for Mark Warner and President Obama.

I believe they're wrong. Reid Warner And I know something about uphill fights. When we launched our Senate campaign in Texas in 2012, the same media voices said we didn't have a chance. But working together, the grassroots proved them wrong.

Now we're working hard to lead the fight for our conservative principles in the U.S. Senate.

Unfortunately, Harry Reid prevents the Senate from doing anything — anything — to restore jobs or economic growth.

Harry Reid's do-nothing Senate does nothing to stand up to Obama, to defend our constitutional rights. And Mark Warner does everything — everything — Harry Reid and President Obama want him to.

We need reinforcements, and Virginians need a voice that will cancel Mark Warner's blank check for President Obama. 

We need a Republican majority to help us balance the budget and rein in President Obama's executive overreach, put an end to Obamacare, and give conservatives the fighting chance we need to take back the freedoms President Obama has stripped away.

Please click here now with a gift of $75, $55, $35, or even just $15 right away to help us retire Mark Warner from the U,S, Senate.

We need 1,000 Virginia patriots to stand tall with us for $35 each -- and send a message to Mark Warner and President Obama. Again.

Thank you.

For Liberty,

Senator Ted Cruz

P.S. Please remember this: if we're going to stop Mark Warner and President Obama, we need a U.S. Senator who represents Virginia -- not one who votes with President Obama 97 percent of the time.   Help us reach our goal of $35,000 by Aug. 15 by finding just 1,000 Virginia Patriots! We know we can count on you!

Thank you for all you're doing to preserve the last, best hope for freedom.

 Paid for and authorized by the Republican Party of Virginia

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