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Time for Action

August Action is here!

We have one month to make a big push on four major policy items that will keep our country free and get DC out of our wallets.

Support the USA FREEDOM Act

Right now, the government is reportedly spying on all of your private communications. And not enough of your elected representatives are working to protect you from Obama’s spies.

Thankfully, Senator Leahy introduced the USA FREEDOM Act (S.2685) to stop Obama’s spying. Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are cosponsoring the bill because they recognize it protects basic American freedoms outlined in the Fourth Amendment.


The Constitution is clear: American citizens have the right to be protected against searches and seizures from the government. Bureaucrats shouldn’t be able to monitor your emails or phone calls without a warrant. It’s that simple.

Your senators need to know that you value your privacy. They need to know that your rights are non-negotiable, and that we will fight for them.

Tell your senators to support the USA FREEDOM Act. We need to protect our privacy now.

Get the IRS Out of ObamaCare

If we don’t act, the IRS will enforce ObamaCare.

This cannot be allowed. The IRS has proven itself to be a corrupt organization that discriminates against conservative groups. We can’t trust the tax bullies to enforce the law fairly.

Your congressional representatives need to step up and protect you against the IRS. ObamaCare is already going to be a headache. Putting the IRS in charge will be a migraine. 

Most Americans think of Tax Day as the scariest day of the year. They worry that the IRS will find something wrong in their tax returns and throw them in jail. And this is the bureaucracy we want enforcing ObamaCare?

We have to put a stop to this now.

Tell your senators to get the IRS out of your email. Send a message today.


Stop Obama's Crony Bank

At the end of September, the Export-Import Bank’s charter will expire. We need to do everything we can to make sure this hub for corporate welfare goes away for good.

The Ex-Im Bank was created by FDR by executive order during the Great Depression. For eight decades, it has given out loans to big corporations – many of them foreign – to boost exports. These loans are backed by taxpayers like YOU. When the company fails to pay back the loan, YOU have to pay for it.

That means private gains and socialized losses.

The Ex-Im Bank has been helping Big Government cronies for too long. Progressives, including President Obama, are defending the Bank. They want you to stay on the hook for billions in corporate welfare.

Obama’s Crony Bank has to go. American taxpayers shouldn’t pick up the tab for government handouts.

Urge your senators to let Obama’s Crony Bank to expire. Send a message now.


August is the month we take action. It’s our time to fight for freedom before Congress comes back into session. Let’s send a strong message: We will never stop fighting for freedom.


civilliberties.pngThis week's video features a special teaser for FreedomWorks University's civil liberties training series. Make sure you learn how to protect your rights!

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