Friday, August 29, 2014

What is it going to take?


Dear Patriot,

What is it going to take to beat the Washington Establishment and the radical left?

If you haven't been paying attention to the midterm elections yet, here's a quick update: Conservatives are being targeted.

Barack Obama and the Washington establishment are doing everything in their power to push Amnesty through. Obama wields his Executive Order pen like a sword, slashing through the Constitution at every stroke. If they succeed, the liberals' entire socialist agenda will be on a fast track through Congress.

But there's still time to turn this situation around — and we've got a plan to do just that.

Here's the deal: In 2014 and 2016, we are going to use a groundbreaking new voter turnout strategy using social media that has proven to be one of the most effective tactics we've ever seen. In state after state, we intend to bring conservatives out and get them to the polls.  That might not sound like much, but in a toss-up election, it's huge. Turnout is usually lower in a nonpresidential election, which means if we can get the conservative vote out in November in the numbers we believe are possible, our impact this year could be huge.

Can you donate $25 or more today? As a thank you for your unwavering dedication to our country and our conservative values, we will send our ebook, Twitter for Conservatives – A step-by-step guide how to use Twitter for conservative activism.

 Yes, I can contribute $25 or more to help stop the socialist takeover of America and please send me my ebook, Twitter for Conservatives. 

Maybe you're thinking you'll just take a break this election, that there isn't that much at stake.

If so, think again.


If big government politicians continue down the path they are on, they will destroy any chance we have to take back control of this country and right the ship.

Can you imagine what a truly socialist America would look like? They will pass Amnesty, expand Obamacare, increase funding for their pet projects like Planned Parenthood and the EPA, all the while slashing the budget for our brave military men and women. 

We also must think of the Supreme Court. What will happen if another far left socialist is elected in 2016? Sooner or later, some of the Justices will retire. At that point, you can bet that a Liberal Supreme Court would care more about pushing their socialist agenda than the rule of law.

There's still time to prevent it—but we need to get started NOW.

Contribute $25 or more to help save America today. Tea Party Nation is committed to electing not just Republicans—but small government, conservative Republicans.

So if you donate here you can be sure none of your money will be wasted on RINO, establishment, big government Republicans.

Contribute $25 or more today and receive Tea Party Nation's Twitter for Conservatives. 

Thank you for all you do.


Tea Party Nation


P.S. Our strategy is to reach more conservative voters and get them informed via Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. We intend to train conservatives how to use these tools to exand our message. There's too much at stake not to train as many people as is possible in the use of these social media tools. Click here to contribute and receive your FREE  Twitter Guide for Conservatives. 


Want to support our work? We are entirely funded by Tea Party conservatives — no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. Our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way and we are going to turn back the tide of socialism. Contribute here and receive your Twitter for Conservatives ebook.

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