Friday, January 10, 2014

Weekly Update from Senator Tim Scott



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Restoring the 40-hour Workweek

This week, I introduced an amendment that would restore the 40-hour workweek that Obamacare has unraveled with its employer mandate provision.  Many local businesses that have already had to tighten their belts in our sluggish economy are faced with a tough choice: provide healthcare for all employees working over 30 hours a week, or pay a hefty fine. 


As a result, when the employer mandate goes into effect next year, countless Americans who are earning hourly wages will see a 25% cut in pay as employers scale down working hours to below the 30 hour threshold, while still struggling to keep their doors open. Thanks to Obamacare, not only will these workers not have healthcare, but they will no longer have full time jobs.


Read more about the amendment here


Keeping up the Pressure on Iran

I joined fifty-seven of my colleagues to co-sponsor the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act—an unequivocal message to the administration and the world that we are serious about keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons. 


The current sanctions are working, and this bill would allow for further penalties to the Iranian economy should they persist in their nuclear weapons program. Their development of nuclear weapons is impermissible.


January is National Mentoring Month

Many children grow up lacking the example of a responsible, loving adult, or having someone take the time to talk to them about their lives, futures, and ambitions. Mentoring is an amazing way for us to fill that gap.  I was lucky enough to find a mentor when I wasn’t on the right track as a kid, and between the principles shared by my mentor and the discipline from my mother, I was able to reach my potential to become the man I am today.


This January and every month, let’s remember that these kids have amazing potential, and come together as a community to ensure we provide the very best possible start for them.



It is an honor to serve the people of South Carolina in the United States Senate.  I appreciate hearing your feedback, and please don’t hesitate to contact my office with any questions or concerns. 




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