Friday, January 24, 2014

New Poll: Are the Democrats Tyrants?

You have witnessed the abuses of the IRS, DOJ, DOE, DHS, DOL, Congressional Democrats and the Executive branch. Their antics are thuggish if you oppose them.  So, we have to ask:

 Are the Democrats tyrants?

 2016 filmaker D'Souza has been indicted by Holder's DOJ,  Cuomo's Department of Labor has issued a subpoena for  "Acorn destroyer" James O'Keefe's financial records, TSA abuses  passengers, DHS violates your rights, NSA violates rights to  privacy, Obamacare mandates dictate your insurance, EPA is after wood stoves, DOE demands Common Core be taught in schools and the IRS is changing the rules to attack conservative  groups., one of America's leading websites and top online  news sources is conducting a poll about an important issue.

The results of these polls will be published online and are  shared with major news networks and policymakers.

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