Friday, January 31, 2014

Do You Want Ted Cruz?

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Robert, we’re going to take the Senate this year.

We’re going to fire 6 Democrats.

That means Harry Reid won’t be Senate Majority Leader. And Robert, that leaves you with a choice. We can either fire Mitch McConnell on May 20th and have a patriot like Ted Cruz or Mike Lee as Senate Majority Leader, or we can let Mitch keep the job. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have Ted Cruz lead the Senate than Mitch McConnell. I don’t want anyone who voted for TARP, Higher Taxes, or Obama’s NSA leading the Republican Party. 

And if we’re going to make sure Mitch McConnell doesn’t become Majority Leader when we take the Senate this year, we need to fire him. McConnell has to go.

That’s why I need you to donate $50, $35, or $15 right now!

Ted Cruz Majority Leader

We’re going to fire Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Mark Begich, Kay Hagan, and more. When we do that, we WILL take the Senate.

But when we take the Senate - when we replace the Democrats with conservatives - we need to make sure the NEXT Republican Majority Leader is a patriot like Ted Cruz or Mike Lee. Not a progressive Republican. 

That’s why we’re mobilizing our network of over 80k patriots in Kentucky to fire Mitch McConnell. They're ready, but they need your help today.

Robert, will you donate to fire Mitch today?

Mitch McConnell has a primary opponent that can win. His name is Matt Bevin. He is a Constitutional Conservative who spent years building his family business. He believes in Freedom. And we can trust him to fight for Liberty.

He wouldn’t have voted for TARP. He will fight to repeal ObamaCare. And Robert, if Bevin beats McConnell, he’ll help elect a real conservative Majority Leader. He’ll be better than McConnell. And he’ll ensure that the Republican Majority Leader isn’t a RINO.

Please, donate $50, $35, or $15 to replace Mitch McConnell today.

Together, we can take our country – and the Senate - back.

In Liberty,

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Matt Kibbe
President & CEO 


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