Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don't read this before bed

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January 28,2014
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Glenn reacts to the story of a potential real-life demon possession in Indiana 
You may not want to read this story before bed. Apparently an Indiana family has experienced a real life case of demonic possession and ghostly haunting. Here's an important safety tip from the Glenn Beck Radio Program: If your kids are walking up walls and shadowy figures are appearing in photos of an empty house, you need to RUN!!! Get the details on this spooky story and Glenn's reaction HERE

SNEAK PEEK: Glenn transforms the State of the Union into a circus (literally) MORE

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Whether you are following online, on radio, or on TV, TheBlaze has the State of the Union covered. Beginning TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET enjoy TheBlaze's wall-to-wall coverage across all our platforms:
  • TheBlaze TV: Join the Real News team, Andrew Wilkow, Dana Loesch, and Laurie Dhue for in-depth analysis of President Obama's address and the Republican and TEA Party responses on TheBlaze TV. 
  • TheBlaze Radio Network: You can also tune in to TheBlaze Radio Network as Doc Thompson, Jay Severin, and Dana Loesch offer their take the President's speech. 
  • TheBlaze.com: Dive deeper into the issues that matter most on TheBlaze.com, where our editors examine what the President's roadmap means for you. 
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Was Katy Perry's Grammy performance some kind of satanic ritual? 
Continuing with the demonic theme... Just watch this video of pop star Katy Perry using a witch's broom as a stripper pole while engulfed in flames and let us know if there isn't something a little dark about the bizarre Grammy performance. Check out the performance and Glenn's reaction HERE.

The ultimate job killer: Obama to raise minimum wage via executive order 
Who needs Congress? Certainly not President Obama! Forget everything you learned in school boys and girls, the rulebooks are being rewritten. Today, the President announced one of the first executive orders of the new year: raising the minimum wage for new government contractors. Why is this a job killer? Glenn explained today on radio. MORE

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WATCH: Dana Loesch takes on her haters in the latest dramatic 'hate mail' reading 
Last Friday, Dana took her dramatic hate mail readings on the road - heading to Babe's Chicken to read some her most entertainingly hateful correspondences over a delicious meal of fried chicken and pie. What is Mediaite's Tommy Christopher complaining about this time? And why does Dana really hope one of her detractors is not an actual doctor? Find out HERE.

Have we lost the true meaning of courage? 
What is courage? What makes someone courageous? Have we become so politically correct, we cannot recognize true heroism and courage anymore? On radio this morning, Glenn questioned whether Americans are capable of judging an individual based on the content of their character. WATCH

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Creative mind behind "The Kronies" opens up about his mission and message
Late last week, a series of parody videos came out that attacked the crony connections between big government and big business. Entitled "The Kronies", the videos are done in the style of late 1980's toy commercials. One of the creative geniuses behind "The Kronies," John Papola, joined Glenn on last night's Glenn Beck Program to talk about the campaign. WATCH

Tonight's primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV:
  • 5pm ET - The Glenn Beck Program: Welcome to the circus! Glenn previews tonight's circus… aka the State of the Union. Plus, meet the very special guest Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) is bringing to the State of the Union address.
  • 6pm ET - Real News: From executive orders to Obamacare, the panel breaks down the likely themes of tonight's State of the Union. Plus, how will President Obama incorporate foreign policy into the address? 
  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: So we all know what the President will talk about during tonight's State of the Union - income inequality, raising the minimum wage, etc - but what should he talk about? Andrew details the real issues Americans are facing. 
  • 8:30pm ET - State of the Union: Join the Real News team, Andrew Wilkow, Dana Loesch, and Laurie Dhue for in-depth analysis of President Obama's address and the Republican and TEA Party responses.
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