Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Must Be Stopped



American taxpayers have to pay Insurance companies one TRILLION dollars. That’s right $1 Trillion.

And Obama still wants to bail these insurance companies out with YOUR tax money. Obama thinks he’ll get his way. But we can stop his latest bailout. Marco Rubio and Tim Griffin have introduced legislation that will permanently stop the ObamaCare Bailout.

This legislation will make the bailout illegal. We have to make sure it passes!

Call Republican Leadersihp and tell them to support Rubio and Griffin. Tell them to stop the ObamaCare bailout!

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Apparently, it’s not enough that ObamaCare cost millions of Americans their health insurance. Now taxpayers are going to be forced to pay for the insurance companies' bad decisions.

These companies lobbied for ObamaCare. They wanted Obama’s health care takeover. But now young, healthy Americans aren’t signing up, and it’s costing them money.

Obama wants to spend your money bailing these insurance companies out. We can’t let that happen.

Tell GOP Leadership to stop the ObamaCare Bailout. Tell them that they must support the Rubio and Griffin bills.

If Republicans really want to end ObamaCare, they will do everything they can to stop this new bailout. GOP Leadership needs to know the ObamaCare Bailout is unacceptable.

If we prevent this bailout, we WILL hurt ObamaCare.

Call GOP Leadership and demand the ObamaCare Bailout is stopped now.

In Liberty,

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