Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Prince Obama" Disappoints

Thanks to you, we reached our December Matching Challenge goal by raising $110,643.28!
Citizens for Self-Governance


This year, we’re ready to fight for our nation and our kids’ and grandkids’ futures!

And speaking of children, why do so many kids’ movies feature princesses? Can we teach our kids self-governance while giving them a steady diet of "benevolent king" story lines?

Should nuns have to provide abortion pills?

Read this immigrant’s inspirational story about how he helps the poor – without government intervention.

Is ObamaCare the biggest domestic policy lie in American history?

Michael Farris answers your questions about Convention of States.

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Thank you,

The Citizens for Self-Governance Team

P.S. We did it -- thanks to you, we reached our $100,000 December Matching Challenge goal… and more! You gave a total of $110,643.28 last month, which will be doubled by generous donors. Your friendship and support allow us to meet 2014 with hope and determination for a better future.



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