Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Need Republicans of Courage and Conviction

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Jackson for Lt. Governor



Here in Virginia we have worked hard to elect state Republican leadership pledged to stand for smaller government and lower taxes. They promised to have government tighten its belt, particularly at this time when Virginia's working families are facing a tough and uncertain economy. They promised to govern by conservative constitutional principles.

Last week, Republican leadership in Richmond disappointed our expectations in a way that cannot be overstated. The Virginians who participated in the founding of this country showed courage and conviction in the face of adversity. Where are such leaders today? Our Governor and General Assembly passed the largest tax hike in Virginia history and voted to comply with Obamacare. This  is not merely a break with Republican principles. It is a break with Virginia’s illustrious history leadership. As always, taxpayers of both parties will be the ones to pay for Republican “compromise” with Democrats.

We didn't elect Republicans to vote for the Democrats' agenda and stick taxpayers with the bill. We elected them to vote for an agenda that would relieve taxpayers and spur economic growth. We elected them to stand up. We expected them to defy the unconstitutional power grab of Obama administration, not comply with it.

It is time for Republican leadership that will take a stand and refuse to back down. It is time for Republicans who will lead, not follow. It is time for Republicans to DEFY NOT COMPLY with attempts to grow government, whether those attempts come from the state or federal government.
That is why I am running for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

Support our movement to DEFY NOT COMPLY. Make a contribution of $10, $25 or whatever you can give to take a stand in saying to our elected leaders - enough is enough.

This economy is forcing your family to do more with less. Politicians should be held to the same standard, since it not their money in the first place. It’s ours.

Join our movement to inspire and unite Virginians and Americans to restore America as a shining city on a hill. Virginia is where it all began. Virginia is where we must hold the line and reclaim was has been lost.

Together, let's show Richmond what happens when we follow the example of our Founding fathers, the example of Ronald Reagan, and lead with vision, conviction and purpose. We do not need more career politicians. We need courageous statesmen. Give me an opportunity to serve the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America, and I will faithfully uphold the Constitutional principle of limited government.

For God & Country,




E.W. Jackson



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