Monday, February 25, 2013

Lessons from Nazi Germany: Clueless on Obamacare

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+ + What's wrong with the liberal mindset? How does that include Obamacare? + +

You'll find out more about those basic questions in "Clueless on Obamacare"  -- published just a few hours ago.

As a bonus for subscribers -- I'll give you more background on how falsehoods like Obamacare take on a life of their own. Sure, that may be normal to human nature --
but can be compared to great deceptions like Nazi propaganda.  

Several years ago, historians Walter Rinderle and Bernard Norling wrote a book on how the Nazis beguiled a town, "Nazi Impact on a German Village." By exploring a microcosm, the authors exposed the "banality of evil," the ordinary appeal of destructive ideas.

The authors point out that the Nazis systematically compared their efforts to the most dire days of the 1920s. By propaganda, they thus made mediocre times look better:
Hence, many Germans became convinced that they were living in an age of unprecedented economic progress in which all problems would soon be solved. So appealing were Adolf Hitler's simple emotion-laden slogans, accompanied by a flood of activity, that even actual NSDAP [Nazi Party] programs were of marginal value . . . some elderly people still believe the Hitler regime saved them, and Germany, from economic ruin in the 1930s.
Sound familiar?

+ + Indeed, what are some of the lessons we may derive from this about Obamacare in America? + +

1) Presidential Deception: Mr. Obama has a way of saying that bad is good and vice versa -- all with "emotion-laden slogans." Some actually believe that Obama has brought about "unprecedented progress" toward "Change you can believe in."

2) Propaganda: Obamacare is pictured as "affordable" and enabling everyone to get medical care at least as good as they've been getting.

3) Propaganda Machine: While there is no direct equivalent to Hitler's propaganda apparatus -- the White House, Obama's campaign organizations (which never stop campaigning), his perceived charisma, and the mainstream media have grabbed unwarranted support for Obamacare.

4) Pawns of Power: Perhaps
Germans continuing to have respect for Hitler decades after 1945 seems hard to believe. But won't millions of Americans go to their graves thinking of Obamacare fondly?  Even when the Affordable Care Act collapses or is defanged?

Should those awful German realities leave us discouraged about Obamacare? No, brave and foresighted men like Winston Churchill stood up, stood their ground, and stayed the course. Truth was on their side and truth won out.

+ + On a smaller scale and against a lesser foe, the American public can see Obamacare defeated.
+ + Don't forget that Germany's National Socialism (from which "Nazi" is derived) is gone.
+ + And the national socialism represented in Obamacare can be forced to flee our land as well.

In a directly related issue, I don't want you to miss my video report on the kid's book that propagandizes for Obamacare.

 + Because of a scheduling conflict, that report will appear Friday, March 1st (instead of Wedneday). +  

That's right, child-friendly fare for the schools and public libraries. After all, young minds surely need to embrace their "right to health care," don't they?
May you have a productive and healthy week -- with the winds of liberty always at your back!

Gailon Totheroh
Editor, HealthWIRE





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