Monday, February 11, 2013

For our Children!

Our economy is struggling, as many of you are out of work, some of you have lost your homes, the groceries and gas are hard to pay for, vacations are practically out of the question for most of us. We can't do anything anymore without thinking about the cost. Most of us remember that just a few years ago, this was NOT the way things were. Sure, we budgeted ourselves, but we could still enjoy life and see that we were a free people.

That will all change soon, as the new healthcare program kicks in and clamps down on even more of our lives. We can actually pull up the whole thing now and read it....and it will scare us to death. Experts now know that the cost is far, far beyond what was told to us. And in looking at other countries over the years, who have turned to socialized medicine (which this is) doctors are limited, medicine is limited, hospitals turn away patients, surgeries can take months to receive. A common practice now in Europe is allowing older citizens to die, and save the healthcare for those more productive. The public health service in England just admitted to the practice they use to let infants who don't seem as "healthy" as others, to basically go without food and water for a certain period of time, until death. Have any of you had a child who had issues in the beginning, that now thrive and run and play just like the rest of the kids?

Is this what we really want? For those who believe that "free healthcare" is so good for "the elderly, the needy and poor, the children", please understand that government running things NEVER comes out good, never has and never will. When we have our money in our hands, we have a tendency  to do the right things, including helping others, by choice. When government has the money, which they have taken from hardworking people, the first thing they do is pay themselves, which means much less available to "help others".

We can make a difference! We can still stand up, from state to state, and take back our rights, as the Founding Fathers set things up. PLEASE stand up and fight big government. It isn't easy sometimes, but it's worth it for those who come in the future.


Go to        and speak your voice! You can click on your state and very simply let your governor and representatives know how you feel. And  you would be AMAZED how many states are blocking the exchange, as well as those who are trying. You can help!


 Be a patriot! Save your children's future and let them know how much you love them through your efforts. We are Americans and America has been and can still be the "shining city on a hill" that Ronald Reagan spoke of, the one place others could run to, when they didn't have freedom.  


 Please copy and paste and sent this to others. Email  through the BCC address bar. It protects your friends' privacy. God bless each of you!



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