Sunday, February 10, 2013

Action Alert: Hello Virginia - You are about to get Slammed!


 February 10, 2013


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ActionAlert  Federation CoLA Wants You to Call the Governor and Your

Legislators - Now! 



Read important legislative updates below. If you want to stop these new taxes and the DEQ takeover of must turn up the heat and make some phone calls. Please forward this alert to everyone you know!


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The Governor's sales tax hike has passed the House

YOU will pay the $2 billion that HB2313 will raise for transportation over the next five years. BTW...that $2 billion includes a few things like Dulles rail (which "We The People" don't want), mass transit projects (that "We The People" don't want), tolls are still an option and you will pay another $15 on your annual car registrations. That's just for starters....


As soon as Congress passes the Internet tax, our Governor is counting on a billion dollars from that federal kitty. Really? What if that never shows up?


BTW....still NO LOCK BOX for transportation funds.




Call your Senator and ask him to oppose HB2313.


Call the Governor and tell him NO NEW TAXES! PERIOD! 804-786-2211


Obamacare Comes to Virginia

The Senate has passed the Medicaid expansion


YOUR taxes will have to go up in 5 years to pay for the 400,000 estimated new Medicaid patients after the federal money runs out! View the amendment to SB800!


Call your Delegate and tell him to vote NO on SB800 if it includes the Medicaid expansion.


Call the Governor at 804-786-2211. Ask him not to sign SB800 if it includes the Medicaid expansion.


Senators Garrett, Martin, Obenshain and Smith have already voted NO to this atrocity. Please call and thank them.


DEQ is going to be taking over DCR

Both houses have passed a substitute bill (HB2048 & SB1279). Now there will be a conference committee followed by an up or down vote in each house. The only question is: Will it be the 93 page monster or the 59 page one? Local BOS members are already being warned that there are going to be a lot of changes. "SO GET READY"! This merger removes the checks and balances that protect land owners and stormwater will be defined as Nonpoint Source pollution.



Call your Delegate, Senator and the Governor - 804-786-2211. Neither version of this legislation is acceptable. Let them know you are adamantly opposed to this transfer of power.


Money is still being handed out to special interests


More than 100 new giveaways were introduced. While they have one hand in your pocket for more tax money, the other hand is giving away more tax credits and tax breaks. What about the $1.3 billion in surpluses over the last 3 years? Where did that go? It obviously needs to go to transportation.




The CoLA Team

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