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alex tea party - Homeschool families being persecuted? - Event 2/12

alexandria tea party
alexandria tea party Homeschooling Event

alexandria tea party Homeschooling Event

alexandria tea party Homeschooling Event


Tuesday February 12th 7-9 PM
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Sherwood Regional Library
2501 Sherwood Hall Lane
Alexandria, VA 22306 )
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The short answer is, yes.


Across Europe, families are being ripped apart as governments in Sweden, Germany and the Ukraine use the United Nation's "rights of the child" to remove children from their homes where they were being homeschooled. Why? Because socialist governments do not want parents having control of what children learn and what morals and values they are exposed to. They believe that the government knows best not the parents. In particular Christian families are being targeted. How? The government is using whether or not a parent chooses to vaccinate their child as reason enough to take the child.In a case from Sweden in 2009, that removal was intended to be permanent.  Other families are seeking asylum here in the U.S. (see for more info).


Could  this type of harrassment and persecution happen here in the U.S. and Virginia? Yes, parental rights and in particular homeschool families are under attack here in the U.S.


 Here is a link to a list of cases in Virginia. Over and over again, government/school board officials continue to try and impose their will and desires on homeschool families, and feign ignorance of state law. There are fights across the country regarding vaccination requirements of homeschooled kids. This is a parental rights issue as well as a religious rights issue. Obamacare has language in the legislation that sets up social worker visits to homes "with young children and infants" to ensure that children are not abused or neglected. Can you imagine how that will be abused by government?


Why is this important to understand and know about? Because our freedom is being attacked on every front. And a REAL education of our children is the key to our countries survival. Even if you are not a parent at this time, it is important that we support homeschool families. Their children perform way above government educated kids, and are rising up as intelligent, thoughtful young adults who we might see as the next generation of conservative leaders!



So, please join us on Tuesday, February 12th at 7 PM at the Sherwood Regional Library in Alexandria, Virginia as we explore the topic of homeschooling in Virginia. We welcome Mr. William Estrada, Esq., Director of Federal Regulations for the Home School Legal Defense Association. Mr. Estrada is an expert on parental rights and has lobbied on Capitol Hill for a parental rights amendment. His talk will include:

  • The history of education and homeschooling in America
  • Myths about homeschooling and homeschooled kids
  • How homeschool education compares to government and private schooling
  • Homeschooling as an opportunity to grow future leaders of America
  • Legal and freedom issues facing homeschool families

The event is open to the public. Please RSVP so that we can ensure seating for the event. Beverages and a light snack will be provided. Sherwood library is located at 2501 Sherwood Hall Lane, Alexandria, Va. 22306. There is plenty of parking onsite. For any questions please email us at


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