Sunday, February 24, 2013

Agenda for Next Tuesdays' Tea Party Meeting February 26, 2013

Members, Friends, and Followers:

We have a couple of very important things to discuss at this Tuesdays meeting.

Our own Matt Wood will discuss several important aspects of the current tax system and an overview of some possible alternatives to it.  His talk will also include a short look at the current tax provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare) and those yet to come.  It is vitally important that we understand the various options that may be proposed by the Executive or Legislative Branches of our government as solutions in order to fund the massive entitlement system currently draining our treasury. 

After Matt's talk, we will update you on the status of the Joint Middle Resolution/Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (VATPPF) Candidate Vetting Process including:

·       Dates and location for the Candidate Questioning portion. 

·       2) Status of the Middle Resolution portion,

·       3) I will distribute the necessary Lancaster County Delegate Pre-File Forms to Lancaster County residents those who have signed up to participate in this process, and

·       4) We will discuss how to pick the 10 Tea Party Participants for the 2 day joint Questioning/Voting process.


Please think about the issues you would like to discuss during the open forum portion of the meeting.  I'm looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday night. 

Agenda Follows:

Virginia's 99th District Tea Party

Meeting Agenda for
February 26, 2013
Lively Volunteer Fire Department
5170 Mary Ball Road, Lively, VA


7:00 – 7:05 PM    Opening (presiding officer).  Invocation & Pledge of Allegiance

7:05 – 8:15 PM    Speaker:  Matt Wood will present "Tax policy in our future – 'Fair', 'Flat', VAT or further modifications of the present code?"    

8:15 –Tea Party Business.

·        Update on the status of the Joint Middle Resolution/Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (VATPPF) Candidate Vetting Process.

·        Open Forum


·        Minutes of previous meeting

·          Treasurer's report (treasurer)

·         Announcements / Business

·        Pass the hat

9:00 PM    Closing (presiding officer)

Tea Party Store open

SENT BY: Gene K. Underwood

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