Friday, February 8, 2013

The hidden dangers of ObamaCare

From the Desk of:
Brian Connor
Grassfire Program Director

Dear Robert Bruce,

In the next 72 hours, I have to make my most important Grassfire decision of 2013. We're about to publish our first full-length resource this year, and I have to tell our printer how many we'll need.

Our new book, Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare, is one of Grassfire’s most significant publications to date. I just approved the final manuscript, and it’s being prepped for printing as I write this.

Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare examines the battle that lies ahead to repeal the President's health care takeover. Go here now to receive two copies in appreciation for your contribution of any amount.

This 108-page exposé is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand what's behind the largest and most intrusive tax increase ever imposed on the American people. Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare spells out exactly what’s at stake in the looming fight over the biggest -- and boldest -- government power-grab in U.S. history.
+ + Exposing The Truth About Obama’s Health Care Takeover  
What you know about ObamaCare is bad. But what you don't know is far worse. The massive tax increases. The "death panels." Stripping you of control over your own health care decisions.
The true impact on your freedoms, your finances and even your health make ObamaCare the most destructive piece of legislation ever passed by Congress -- and yet most of the dangers are still unknown to the vast majority of Americans.
+ + Learn What Needs To Be Done To Stop ObamaCare!

Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare outlines how America's health care system -- home to the world’s best doctors, hospitals, researchers and treatment -- will soon become a government-centered quagmire from which there may be no return.

If grassroots Americans think it will be easy to repeal the Affordable Care Act, we need to think again. That's because a little-known fact about ObamaCare is that removing this law will require one of the most difficult political fights in history.

+ + Receive Two Copies In Appreciation For Your Contribution Of Any Amount
Because we want to get the truth about the President’s health care takeover to as many people as possible, Grassfire didn’t put a retail price on Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare. Similar resources are available for $14.99 -- not including shipping and handling.
But we feel so strongly about empowering our team members with the truth about ObamaCare that Grassfire will send you two copies of our newest resource for your contribution of any amount. Keep one and share the other with a friend. (Bulk ordering is also available.)

Go here now to order two copies of Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare for your contribution of any amount to Grassfire:

+ + I Need To Hear From You In The Next 72 Hours

On Monday, I’ll approve the printer’s proof and give them a final number for our first printing. Here's where you come in -- and why the next 72 hours are so important.

Grassfire Nation's response this weekend will dictate how many copies of Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare to print.

While we can always order a second printing, that’s not guaranteed to happen. Also, waiting for a second print run might result in some team members being forced to wait to receive their copies of this hard-hitting exposé about the President's health care takeover.

The next three days will determine how many copies of Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare will arrive in our offices within the next three weeks. So I need to hear from you within 72 hours to finalize the number of books for our first printing. Go here now to order:

Thank you, in advance, for your support.
P.S. Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare is a must-read if you want to understand the full implications of the President's health care takeover. While I don’t want to order too many, I also don’t want to order too few. Click here in the next 72 hours to receive two copies of Hidden Dangers Of ObamaCare in appreciation for your contribution of any amount to Grassfire.

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