Monday, June 1, 2015

Big news



Less than a month from now, on June 29th, the Supreme Court will release its decision on King v. Burwell. If we win, if the Supreme Court stands with the Constitution, and lands a crushing blow on ObamaCare, all hell will break loose.

Robert, we must prepare for that because the liberals will attack at us with everything they have to save ObamaCare!

First we’ll be fighting an ObamaCare expansion in dozens of states across the country. And second, we’ll be fighting to stop a national ObamaCare expansion in DC. We have less than 30 days to prepare for this fight. That is why we’re launching the First Responders for Freedom program.

If you join the First Responders for Freedom program you will be one of the first people we contact when the decision comes down, because we know you will pick up the phone, you will take action. And you will be on the front lines in the fight to restore healthcare freedom. Robert, will you commit to be a First Responder for Freedom today?



Health care freedom works. Will you stand with it today?

Adam Brandon

Chief Executive Officer, FreedomWorks

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