Monday, June 29, 2015

Let’s Fight Back Against Federal Abuse

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Independence Day is just this Saturday, and I think this is an important time to reflect on the significance of our country's founding. Our Founders gave us many incredible gifts: a free nation, representative government, and a secure future for posterity, free from tyranny.
Yet just this past week, our Supreme Court demonstrated is complete and utter disregard for our Constitution and the Founders' intent for a separation of powers. In King v. Burwell, the Court effectively said, "We don't care what the Congress' pure language was regarding Obamacare. If we think it should be something different than that, then we're going to change it." 
My freedom is only half of what it was when I was a young man; there won't be any freedom left for our posterity if we allow the Supreme Court to continue doing what it did this last week.
However, we often forget that the Founders gave us the solution to this problem: the ability to rein in tyranny from the federal government through a Convention of States.
As we remember the sacrifices of the men who fought for our freedom in the War for Independence—and all the men and women who have fought to maintain our freedom since then—the time to fight for our liberty is now!
If you want to honor our forefathers and secure the future of our children, then we need to keep up this fight to Guard Our Independence. Will you join me by giving to the Convention of States Project?

Senator Tom Coburn
Senior Advisor
Convention of States Action

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