Monday, June 8, 2015

Legal Expert: Obama Is 'Undermining The Rule Of Law'

Happy Monday!
The witty and brilliant John Yoo, the Berkeley Law Professor who drives the left insane, makes me laugh! He was in Washington at the end of April when the Senate was considering legislation about the dangerous Iran deal – a deal that is in the midst of getting finalized this month. We had a chance to connect at the beautiful Hillsdale College Kirby Center.
Don’t miss this entertaining, informative 34 minute video interview, where Yoo discusses:

  • Being protested by the progressive left who wants his voice silenced and his job yanked from him,
  • President Obama’s ruling by fiat and favoritism, contrary to the Founder’s constraints,
  • The Republican Congress’s inept push back against Obama’s dangerous use of power, and
  • Why liberals should not run anything based on what he sees in Berkeley.

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
John Yoo


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P.S. Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal also discusses the way President Obama is governing here.

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