Monday, June 22, 2015

Conservative Rep: It Takes 'Moral Courage' To Stand Up To GOP Leadership

Happy Monday!
First, our hearts are broken for the horrendous tragedy in Charleston, S.C. last week at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where nine innocent people were massacred. My prayers go up for the good people of Charleston! Please pray for the families and all who were touched by this awful tragedy. Last week, Glenn Beck’s experience at Charleston seemed touching to me. May good people bless the harmed.

My newest video interview for our Leaders series is with Rep. Scott Perry, a compelling man of integrity, courage and principle serving in Congress from Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District.
In this 22 minute video interview, the congressman discusses:

  • Benghazi and why it is of vital importance,
  • Obamacare, and Congress' special exemption,
  • The biggest threats to the nation,
  • And the hardest votes he has taken.

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
Rep. Scott Perry


Last Week: Twila Brase, Citizens Council for Health Freedom, can still be seen here.

Next WeekCharlie Kirk, Turning Point USA

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P.S. May the best of America, like this South Carolina Democrat state senator, not the worst as President Obama too often focuses on, respond to hate. #OnlyLoveCanDoThat

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