Monday, June 15, 2015

A Concentrated 'Tea Party' Effort?

Greetings all!

Some of you have mentioned that Tea Party Patriots are orchestrating a drive to get folks out to protest Congresses exemption to Obamacare on June 17th.  (see more at

It's a worthwhile idea and if you are able to participate at the  Yorktown, Tappahannock or Fredericksburg Office of Rob Wittman, that would be great.

Truthfully, I am more concerned at the moment that our Congressman vote against the 'Obama Trade Deals' in which vintage Republicans are supporting the President. By now, one would think that any Congressman who buys the 'Let's pass it to see what's in it' and/or passing the bill without reading it SHOULD BE DRUMMED OUT OF OFFICE if not ridden out on a rail! For this effort, it is more important that we
Also leave messages via:
(WRITTEN LETTERS via USPS are no longer effective for timely issues since snailmail is sent to a hazmat / processing facility that delays the arrival of mail to Congressmen by WEEKS! )

Best wishes and thanks to all the folks who called and emailed last week. I would urge you to do it again! The Trade Deals & related bills did not fly last week but were kept alive to live another day, partially thanks to our own Congressman,  I don't have to tell you all the devious and deceptive ways politicians have devised to accomplish what they want without making it too obvious. Be watching BOTH of Congressman Wittman's hands!

 Sue Sherrill
Middle Peninsula Tea Party


Opportunity for ALL, favoritism for NONE!

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