Friday, June 19, 2015

Liars, traitors and squares... oh my!

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Fellow Patriots,

The level of insanity surrounding Republicans in Washington is staggering. As you probably heard by now, yesterday Republicans found a new way to pass ObamaTrade and that's exactly what they did. This after virtually every poll shows a vast majority of Americans don't want it. This after days of congressional phone lines and fax machines burning up with opposition. 

Voters said NO and Republicans responded with YES. 

Let's be clear. Republicans were elected to stop Obama's agenda. Instead of stopping Obama, however, they immediately voted Boehner back in to power, raised the debt ceiling, funded Obamacare and gave Obama the fast track he desperately wanted. 

Liars, traitors and squares!

Do Republicans feel bad for what they've done to us? Not at all. In fact, one young Republican representative who was once considered a rising conservative star took aim at conservative media, blaming us all for the struggles Republicans had passing ObamaTrade. Congressman Adam Kinzinger is his name and he accused us all of spreading misinformation. 

I kid you not. Click here to read the full story

We can't contact all of Congress through social media today, but we can certainly let Kinzinger know how we feel. If you're on Twitter, please click here to publish a pre-written tweet that Kinzinger will see


Trust me, Kinzinger has read our story and is well aware of what we said in our post yesterday. Now tell him you read the story and aren't happy with his insult to all conservative media. 

We are NOT misinformed. We know exactly what is happening. 

Watch for more updates on what happened with ObamaTrade coming this weekend. 

- Eric Odom

P.S. If you're on Twitter please click here to send Adam Kinzinger a quick and easy tweet. We want him to know conservatives are not stupid. We're not misinformed and his insult to us is not acceptable. Click here to tweet him now


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