Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's up to you Robert


This morning, Justice John Roberts saved ObamaCare. Again!

Robert, that’s unacceptable. ObamaCare has to go. And, if the Supreme Court won’t uphold the Constitution, then it’s on Congressional Republicans to end ObamaCare once and for all.

And Robert, they can do it. All they have to do, is use reconciliation to repeal ObamaCare. They have the power, so the question is, will YOU make them do it?

FreedomWorks is already hard at work pressuring Congress to use reconciliation to repeal ObamaCare. We’re mobilizing activists across the country. But, if we’re going to do that, we need your support, Robert.

Equipping, training, and mobilizing our community of 6.9 million patriots requires the support of individuals like you. And that’s why we need to raise $50k in the next 48 hours. Robert, will you chip in $50, $35, or $15 right now to make sure Republicans in Congress do what John Roberts wouldn’t: Repeal ObamaCare?

I know you’re disappointed in the Supreme Court; this isn’t the first time Chief Justice Roberts rewrote the law to save ObamaCare. And, Robert, that’s why you and I need to make sure it’s the last.

We need to make sure that the Republican Congress uses the power of the purse to stop Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America. They need to repeal ObamaCare now! But, if we’re going to force Boehner and McConnell to do that, we’ll need your support today Robert.




We knew the Supreme Court might do this Robert, and that’s why we’ve already put together a 3 part plan that I want to tell you about.

  1. Organize district office visits in key congressional offices
  2. Run a broad grassroots campaign at Republican House and Senate offices
  3. Hold our elected officials accountable

Robert, this is how we win. This is how we make sure Congress does what the Supreme Court won’t.

Our grassroots director Noah Wall is already meeting with activists in states like Ohio. But if we’re going to keep this program running, we need to raise at least $50k in the next 48 hours. Will you please help us by chipping in $50, $35, or $15 right now?

If we work together, I know we can stop ObamaCare. I know we can make freedom work.

Deneen Borelli
Director of Outreach, FreedomWorks



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