Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another ObamaCare Disaster



ObamaCare is a failure. And the Obama Administration is planning a massive bailout for insurance companies.

Americans aren’t signing up for his health care takeover, so Obama plans to force taxpayers to bailout his cronies in the insurance industry. That’s right, Obama’s planning to use YOUR money to bailout ObamaCare!

Tell Congress to support S. 1726, the ObamaCare Bailout Prevention Act.

Senator Marco Rubio’s bill will protect taxpayers from the ObamaCare bailout.

Remember – some insurance companies lobbied FOR ObamaCare. You shouldn’t have to pay for the disaster they supported.

Protect yourself from the ObamaCare bailout. Tell Congress to support S. 1726.

Bailouts are bad for the economy, bad for the country, and they’re unconstitutional. Make sure your Congressmen know you support Marco Rubio’s bill to stop the ObamaCare bailout before it happens. 

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