Saturday, April 20, 2013

Townhall Daily - April 20 - Bill O'Reilly, John Ransom, John Hawkins, Tim Phillips, Oliver North and More

BREAKING: Second Suspect Captured Alive, Father of Boston Terrorists: "Someone Framed Them" - "Cowards" Shot My Son, Aunt of Boston Terrorists: 'They Couldn't Have Done This',
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In Defense of Conservative Mothers

Plus: Is there room for a Third Party?

Bill O'Reilly Bill O'Reilly:
Casual Terrorism
John Ransom John Ransom:
Celebrate Earth Day by Expanding Our Carbon Footprint
John Hawkins John Hawkins:
20 Questions Liberals Can't Answer
Tim Phillips Tim Phillips:
Wasteful Programs that Make You Want To Pull Your Hair Out
Oliver North Oliver North:
Marathon Manhunt: The Movie
John C. Goodman John C. Goodman:
Why ObamaCare May Cost You Your Job
Caroline Glick Caroline Glick:
Israel: The Happy Little Country
Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg:
Boston in Little Rock
Rich Galen Rich Galen:
The Gun Vote
Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell:
False Alarm: The Libertarian Revolution Has Not Begun
Charles Payne Charles Payne:
It's Not a Miracle - It's America
Bob Beauprez Bob Beauprez:
Tax Freedom Day
Diana West Diana West:
Another Terrorist Attack, Another U.S.-Saudi Cover-Up?
Phil Kerpen Phil Kerpen:
Lobbyists versus Sick People
Ransom Notes Radio Ransom Notes Radio:
It's the Fed, Stupid
George Friedman George Friedman:
Boston Bombing Suspects: Grassroots Militants from Chechnya
Peter Schiff Peter Schiff:
Japan Steps into the Void
Night Watch Night Watch:
China's Big Picture Objectives
Marvin Olasky Marvin Olasky:
Serious Times
Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock:
Spreadsheets, Paul Krugman, and Logic
Steve Deace Steve Deace:
It's About Trust, Not Amnesty
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Today's Cartoons


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Commissioner on Civil Rights: Illegal Immigration Bad for America's Wage and Employment

Boston Area on Lockdown for Manhunt

Kerry On Benghazi: 'More Important Things Move On To'

Boston Terror Suspect's Neighbor on the Phone

Headline News

Yesterday's Top 10 Columns
  1. Malkin: Death Doc Kermit Gosnell's Silent Co-Conspirators
  2. Adams: Why Don Opposes Capital Rape
  3. Davis: To the Parents of Newtown
  4. Goldberg: America's Just Not That Into Obama
  5. Limbaugh: A Shameful Day for President Obama
  6. Bozell: The Media Lobbyists Lose on Guns
  7. Hewitt: The Collapse of Leadership
  8. Charen: Obama Doesn't Care About Dead Children
  9. Coulter: If Rubio's Amnesty is So Great, Why is He Lying?
  10. Charen: Redistribution of Wealth Popularity Not to Be Taken Lightly
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