Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Virginia

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We have been talking a lot during this campaign about each candidate's record and historyFor some, that is of great importance; for others, less so. But one's vision for the future is always important. It's time to talk more about our vision for Virginia, which is wholly consistent with my record.

I see...

A Virginia that always honors and protects our 2nd Amendment rights as essential to the assurance of all other liberty for its citizens.

A Virginia where availability of employment provides ample choices for jobs by removing Virginia's corporate income tax, making Virginia's ports the destination choice for those vessels using the newly widened Panama Canal; with jobs to receive, process, refine, manufacture, and redistribute the incoming cargo. The removal of this tax would also attract businesses from across state lines and provide ample motivation and resources for existing business to expand.

A Virginia that has removed its own regulatory barriers and successfully pushed back against federal barriers to offshore oil and gas exploration and production, and construction of new coal fired power generation plants, etc. Virginia can once again prosper through its natural resources, including our coalfields.

A Virginia that does not cooperate in placing federal storm water runoff burdens on our families and businesses. It's water - let it run off. A strong Virginia will also resist federal prohibitions and limitations on our fisheries that are not even at risk.

A Virginia that allows education to reap the benefits of market forces, and allows the full benefit of supply and demand in healthcare.  A Virginia where its citizens are freed from the bondage of government dependence and empowered to prosperity.  And a Virginia where its students have the opportunity to prosper without unmanageable college costs and debt, and where we remove the stigma associated with technical and professional education.

A Virginia where all its citizens can exercise the free expression of their faith without fear of legal threats.

A Virginia where every profession does not long for the stamp of state approval and the regulation that comes with it. A Virginia where personal property rights are valued, assured, and protected. Where homes can be built without being seen as a financial burden to a community, but rather as the valuable places where jobs go home to sleep

A Virginia that always honors our veterans and their families for their sacrifice and service.


A Virginia where government understands its own growth should not out-pace the strength of its economy. Virginia can become a state where taxes do not penalize production and job creation; instead using a fair tax that draws from consumption, no matter the source of income.

A Virginia where our life-sustaining water, food, and energy sources are secured without dependence on foreign sources. Where government allows ideas to rise and fall on their own merit, without tax subsidy.

A Virginia with so much opportunity and prosperity, protection of life, our liberty and our property, that it would consume more time to read than you would want to dedicate today.

I see a Virginia Republican Party Convention that will want to nominate a candidate for Lieutenant Governor that has a solid, conservative legislative record that they can count on as evidence of his future conduct and vision.

Hopefully, we share this same vision. If you want to see our Virginia continue to grow, expand, and always be the best place to raise a family and do business, let us know of your support

Thank you for the privilege of service. God bless you.

Steve Martin

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