Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This is awesome

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The Wonderful World of Stu is back!

Tired of those greedy capitalists and their evil capitalist ways? Stu's not! He loves capitalism, and he'll show you some of the good things we have in America because of it. He takes on progressives and liberals by dismantling their phony statistics and misleading claims. The Wonderful World of Stu is the perfect mix of humor and news that drives the left crazy and leaves the right laughing out loud. This Saturday, following the B.S. of A., don't miss Stu's return to Saturday nights on TheBlaze TV!

This Saturday, April 13th, at 10:30pm ET, don't miss a brand new episode of the Wonderful World of Stu!

If there's one thing that Americans understand, it's freedom. That's how America has solved problems and conflict for much of history. But lately, government has been using regulations and restrictions to try to control decisions and "solve" problems both economically and socially. It doesn't work. This Thursday at 5pm ET, Penn Jillette will join Glenn for the full hour to discuss why the answer should always be more freedom, and how we can bring disparate ideas together to work towards liberty.

Glenn's devoting the entire week on the Glenn Beck Program to FREEDOM and libertarian ideas
If you're sick of political debates with your friends & family that center around Republicans vs. Democrats, don't miss this week's shows.The answer is freedom — 5pm ET on TheBlaze TV.
  • Tonight: Glenn will look at economic freedom in America. What are the solutions to solving our spending problem?
  • Tomorrow: Justin Amash joins the program for a conversation on social freedom in the political sphere.
  • Thursday & Friday: Penn Jillette joins the program. 
This week on Real News: Congress back in session and President Obama's legacy is up for grabs. Immigration, gun control, and the federal budget are all on the table. All this week @ 6pm ET, the panel will take a look at what's at stake for YOU, and give a fresh, compelling perspective you can't find in the mainstream media. 

Tonight: Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) joins the program to discuss the Pacific Legal Foundation case that SCOTUS is considering. Could Obamacare see another day in court and possibly be struck down? 

This weekend on a brand new B.S. of A., don't miss the gang interview a Republican strategist who is rebranding the party (without principles), a White House press conference full of lies about drones, and much more! And make sure to stay tuned for the return of the Wonderful World of Stu!

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